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The following is a list of the 8 breweries listed on this site that opened in this year (2021). Please note that some of these breweries may be selling contract brewed beers from third parties. All these breweries are marked on other pages with 2021.

A list of breweries opened each year can be found here.

A list of those not listed in the current CAMRA Good Beer Guide can be found here.

Ben's Brewery Ltd 2021
(Chorley, Lancashire 2021-Still Brewing)

Cottage Beer Project Limited 2021 New
(Morebath, Devon 2021-Still Brewing)

Drinkstone Ales 2021
(Drinkstone, Suffolk 2021-Still Brewing)

Ingol Village Brewing Company Ltd 2021 New
(Preston, Lancashire 2021-Still Brewing)

Kaneen's Brewery 2021
(Union Mills, Isle of Man 2021-Still Brewing)

Kickabo Brewery Limited 2021
(Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire 2021-Still Brewing)

Old Farmhouse Brewery 2021
(St Davids, Dyfed 2021-Still Brewing)

Radical Brewing 2021
(Port Sodderick, Isle of Man 2021-Still Brewing)

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Last Updated : 19th April 2021