The Directory of UK Brewers


There are a number of very fine publications covering this field.

Books that provide much information for those interested in this field include:

Twenty Five Years of New British Breweries (Ian Mackey) ISBN 0 953312 0 1
Century of British Brewers plus 1890-2004 (Norman Barber) ISBN 1 873966 11 3
Good Beer Guide (CAMRA) Annual publication, normally in September.

Many thanks to all the landlords and landladies who purvey independent brewers real ales.

To all the people who have helped us with the site, many thanks. Although I don't particularly want to name names as I can't name everyone who has helped, particular thanks go to the many people who help with photographs.

For clarification of the highly complex system of counties in the United Kingdom and a highly useful on-line resourse to determine which county a place is located in we thank the Association of British Counties, more information can be found at their web site.

And finally to all the people involved in brewing the wonderful nectar we call Real Ale. Cheers!!

Last Updated : 8th August 2020