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Quaffale is a not-for-profit site run by enthusiasts, be they in the industry or just like a drink, for enthusiasts that aims to present the visitor with a resource that is one of the most up to date lists of UK based Real Ale Breweries available on the Internet.

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Last Updated : 7th March 2021 9:49am

7th MarchKickabo Brewery Limited added.
Clavell and Hind, Deya Brewing Company, Sherfield Village Brewery, Southsea Brewing Co, Staggeringly Good Brewery, Stannary Brewing Company Ltd, Steam Town Brew Co Ltd, Tap It Brewing Co, The Buckland Brewers and Wickwar Brewing Co Ltd updated.
Sprey Point Brewery closed.
6th MarchBrown Street Brewing Company and Old Farmhouse Brewery added.
Blackened Sun Brewing Company Ltd, Bucks Star Ltd, Concrete Cow Brewery, Hornes Brewery, Old Luxters Farm Brewery, The Aylesbury Brewhouse, Well Drawn Brewing Company Limited and XT Brewing Company updated.
Bad Joke Brew Co closed.
5th MarchBason Bridge Brewing Co Ltd, Black Bear Brewery, Dawkins Ales, Drop The Anchor Brewery Limited, Fine Tuned Brewery Ltd, Fishponds Brewery Ltd, Flower Pots Brewery, Graze Brewery, Tally Ho! Country Inn and Brewery, The Incredible Brewing Co. and Wriggle Valley Brewery updated.
Betteridge's Brewing Company, Cosmic Brewing Company Limited and The Emsworth Brewery closed.
4th MarchGilt and Flint, Newtown Park Brewing Company Limited, Spilsbury and Jones Brewing Company and The Clovelly Brewing Company added.
Brewhouse and Kitchen (Bournemouth), Brewhouse and Kitchen (Bristol), Brewhouse and Kitchen (Poole), Croft Ales, Drop The Anchor Brewery Limited, Fierce and Noble, GT Ales Ltd, Grampus Brewery, Hall and Woodhouse Ltd, Left Handed Giant Brewing, New Bristol Brewery, South Hams Brewery Co Ltd, Stripey Cat Craft Brewery and Two Drifters Brewery updated.
1st MarchLittle Big Brew Co Ltd added.
Brewers Folly Brewery Ltd, Copper Street Brewery, Dorset Brewing Company Ltd, Eight Arch Brewing Co, Hattie Brown's Brewery Ltd, Knight Life Brewing Ltd, Lyme Regis Brewing Ltd, RW Randall Ltd, Southbourne Ales Limited and The Liberation Brewery updated.
White Rock Brewery Ltd closed.
27th FebruaryPinkers Craft Brewery added.
Abbey Ales Ltd, Glastonbury Brewing Co, Parkway Brewing Company Ltd, Ralph's Ruin Ltd and The Odcombe Brewery updated.
25th FebruaryNat 20 Brew and Verse Brewing added.
Blindmans Brewery Ltd, Cheddar Ales, Clevedon Brewery, Electric Bear Brewing Company Ltd, Exmoor Ales Ltd, Frome Brewing Company Ltd, Quantock Brewery, Tapstone Brewing Company Limited and Yonder Brewing and Blending updated.
22nd FebruaryBurner Bash Brewing and Crumbs Brewing added.
Black Flag Brewery Ltd, Blue Anchor Brewery, Driftwood Spars Brewery, Faultline Brew Co Ltd, Shamblemoose Brewery, The Forge Brewery, The Fowey Brewery Ltd and Verdant Brewing Co Ltd updated.
21st FebruaryDowr Kammel Brewing Company Ltd, Dynamite Valley Brewery Ltd, Lizard Ales Ltd and Sharp's Brewery Ltd updated.
20th FebruaryAles of Scilly Brewery, Padstow Brewing Company llp, Penzance Brewing Company Ltd, St Ives Brewery Limited, Tintagel Brewery Ltd and Tremethick Brewery updated.
19th FebruaryAscot Brewing Company, Brightwater Brewery, Craft Brews Ltd, Hedgedog Brewing Ltd, Hogs Back Brewery Ltd, Pilgrim Ales, Thames Side Brewery Ltd, The Godstone Brewers Ltd, The Oxted Brewery Ltd, Thurstons Brewery, Tilford Brewery and Tillingbourne Brewery Ltd updated.
18th FebruaryBy The Mile Brewery, Constellation Brewery, Floc Brewing Ltd, Outlandish Brewing Company, Shivering Sands Brewery Ltd and Tumanny Albion Brewing Company Ltd added.
Ashton Brewing Co, Brew Buddies, Caveman Brewing Company Ltd, Constellation Brewery, Curious Brewery, Devilfish Brewery Limited, Farriers Arms Brewery, Goody Ales Ltd, Hop Fuzz Brewery Ltd, Hopdaemon Brewery Company Limited, Larkins Brewery Ltd, Nelson Brewing Co. UK Ltd, No Frills Joe Brewing Company, Northdown Brewery, P and DJ Goacher, Pig and Porter Brewing Co, Rockin' Robin Brewery, Royal Tunbridge Wells Brewing Company Limited, The Canterbury Ales, The Oak Brewery, The Old Dairy Brewing Co Ltd, The Swan Microbrewery, Turnstone Ales and XYLO Brewing Ltd updated.
Range Ales Brewery Limited closed.
16th FebruaryArdgour Ales Ltd, Boden Brewery and The Hildenborough Brewery Ltd added.
Breakwater Brewery Limited, Brumaison Ltd, Iron Pier Brewery Ltd, Kent Brewery, Musket Brewery Limited, Running Man Brewery, The Brewery Of Angels and Demons Limited, Time and Tide Brewing Ltd, Tonbridge Brewery Ltd, Wantsum Brewery Ltd and Westerham Brewery Company Ltd updated.
15th FebruaryArmargh Brewing Co, Bloodline Brewing NI Ltd and Radical Brewing added.
Vault City Brewing Ltd updated.
Kinneil Brew Hoose llp closed.

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