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Quaffale is a not-for-profit site run by enthusiasts, be they in the industry or just like a drink, for enthusiasts that aims to present the visitor with a resource that is one of the most up to date lists of UK based Real Ale Breweries available on the Internet.

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Last Updated : 22nd July 2024 3:23pm

22nd JulyBoden Brewery updated.
Ayr Brewing Company Limited, Creaton Grange Ales and Ethical Ales closed.
4th JulySun Bear Brewing Limited added.
Azvex Brewing Company, Beer Station Brewery Ltd, Black Lodge Brewing, Brooks Brewhouse Limited, Carnival Brewing Company Limited, Colbier Brewery Limited, Glen Affric Brewery Limited, Hex Brewing Company Ltd, Joule's Brewery Ltd, Love Lane Brewery, The Ludlow Brewing Co Ltd and Top Rope Brewing Limited updated.
Big Bog Brewing Company, Cain's Brewery and The Melwood Beer Company closed.
3rd JulyDead Duck Brewery Limited, Flower Pots Brewery (2nd site) and Mysterious Brewing Co Ltd added.
Andwell Brewing Company llp, Botley Brewery Ltd, Bowman Ales Ltd, CrackleRock Brewing Company, Dummer Down Brewery Ltd, Flack Manor Brewery Ltd, Flower Pots Brewery (BrewPub), Little Brewery, Little London Brewery Limited, London Road Brew House, Longdog Brewery Limited, Makemake Brewing Company, Red Shoot Brewery and Ten Tun Brewhouse Ltd updated.
Growling Gibbon Brew Co, Red Cat Brewing and Ringwood Brewery Ltd closed.

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