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Breweries In The Local Government Authority area of Vale of White Horse

We list 19 breweries in the Local Government Authority area of Vale of White Horse. Of these, 10 are open breweries, 9 are closed breweries and 0 are otherwise categorised (see footnote).

Breweries in production

The Barn Owl Brewery
(Gozzards Ford, Oxfordshire 2016-Still Brewing)

Church HanBrewery
(New Yatt, Oxfordshire 2015-Still Brewing)

Craftsman Brewery
(Abingdon, Oxfordshire 2021-Still Brewing)

Earth Ale Ltd Tap Room
(Frilford Heath, Oxfordshire 2019-Still Brewing)

Faringdon Brewery Updated Brewpub Photo
(Faringdon, Oxfordshire 2010-Still Brewing)

Little Ox Brewery Limited
(Freeland, Oxfordshire 2016-Still Brewing)

The Loose Cannon Brewing Company Ltd Tap Room
(Abingdon, Oxfordshire 2010-Still Brewing)

Lovebeer Brewery Updated
(Milton, Oxfordshire 2014-Still Brewing)

Parlour Brew Co Updated Small Format
(Garford, Oxfordshire 2021-Still Brewing)

White Horse Brewery Company Limited Updated
(Stanford In The Vale, Oxfordshire 2004-Still Brewing)

Breweries whose names are used on beer no longer in production

Adkin Brewery Closed
(Wantage, Oxfordshire 2007-2017)

Bellinger's Brewery Closed
(Grove, Oxfordshire 2011-2021)

Best Mates Brewery Ltd Closed
(Ardington, Oxfordshire 2007-2012)

Betjeman Brewery Closed
(Wantage, Berkshire 2011-2014)

The Old Forge Brewery Closed Brewpub Photo
(Coleshill, Oxfordshire 2010-2018)

Oxbrew Ltd Closed
(Freeland, Oxfordshire 2017-2020)

Pitstop Brewery Closed Photo
(Grove, Oxfordshire 2008-2010)

Tap Social Movement (Kennington) Updated Closed
(Kennington, Oxfordshire 2018-2023)

Wantage Brewery Closed Brewpub
(Wantage, Oxfordshire 2019-2022)


Other categories of "brewery" include, amongst others, brewers whose status is uncertain and probably not brewing, closed breweries whose brands are produced elsewhere and brewery groups non-brewing headquarters. Contract, cuckoo and gypsy brewers, who are free to move premisses, and not allocated to a county.

Last Updated : 23rd February 2024