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Breweries in production (57)

O'Connor Craft Beers No Cask Ale
(Greysteel, County Derry 2015-Still Brewing)
Old Tree Brewery
(Brighton, East Sussex 2015-Still Brewing)
The Oak Brewery Brewpub
(Sevenoaks, Kent 2018-Still Brewing)
The Old Vault Brewing Company Limited Brewing Suspended Brewpub
(Thorne, South Yorkshire 2017-Brewing Suspended)
Oakham Ales Brewpub Photo
(Peterborough, Cambridgeshire 1993-Still Brewing)
Old Vicarage Brewery Tap Room
(Walton, Cumbria 2018-Still Brewing)
The Oaks Brewing Co Ltd
(Little Stanney, Cheshire 2017-Still Brewing)
Old Windsor Brewery Ltd
(Windsor, Berkshire 2016-Still Brewing)
Oakwood Brewery
(Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk 2015-Still Brewing)
Olde Swan Brewery Brewpub Photo
(Netherton, West Midlands 1835-Still Brewing)
The Odcombe Brewery Brewpub Photo
(Odcombe, Somerset 2005-Still Brewing)
On The Edge Brewery
(Sheffield, South Yorkshire 2012-Still Brewing)
Odin's Manx Beers Limited
(Glen Mona, Isle of Man 2019-Still Brewing)
One Mile End Brewery Tap Room
(London, Greater London 2013-Still Brewing)
Odyssey Brew Co Ltd
(Whitbourne, Herefordshire 2014-Still Brewing)
Opa Hay's Brewery
(Aldeby, Norfolk 2008-Still Brewing)
Offa's Dyke Brewery Brewpub Photo
(Trefonen, Shropshire 2006-Still Brewing)
Ora Brewing Company Ltd Tap Room
(London, Greater London 2016-Still Brewing)
Cwrw Ogwen Cif
(Bethesda, Gwynedd 2017-Still Brewing)
Orbit Beers Tap Room
(London, Greater London 2014-Still Brewing)
Okell & Sons Ltd Photo
(Kewaigue, Isle of Man 1850-Still Brewing)
Orkney Brewery Tap Room
(Quoyloo, Orkney 1988-Still Brewing)
The Old Boot Brewing Co
(Bacup, Lancashire 2020-Still Brewing)
Oscar's Brewery
(Nelson, Lancashire 1994-Still Brewing)
Old Cannon Brewery Ltd Brewpub Photo
(Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk 1999-Still Brewing)
The Ossett Brewing Company Limited Tap Room Photo
(Ossett, West Yorkshire 1998-Still Brewing)
The Old Cross Tavern Brewery Brewing Suspended Brewpub Photo
(Hertford, Hertfordshire 2008-Brewing Suspended)
Ostlers Ales Ltd Brewpub
(Birmingham, West Midlands 2016-Still Brewing)
The Old Dairy Brewing Co Ltd Tap Room
(Tenterden, Kent 2010-Still Brewing)
Other Monkey Brewing Updated No Cask Ale Tap Room
(Colchester, Essex 2015-Still Brewing)
Old Farmhouse Brewery 2021
(St Davids, Dyfed 2021-Still Brewing)
Otter Brewery Ltd
(Luppitt, Devon 1990-Still Brewing)
The Old Felixstowe Brewing Company
(Kirton, Suffolk 2018-Still Brewing)
Out of Town Brewing Limited
(Cumbernauld, Lanarkshire 2016-Still Brewing)
Old Fountain Brewhouse Brewpub
(London, Greater London 2016-Still Brewing)
Out There Brewing Co
(Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear 2012-Still Brewing)
Old Friends Brewery Brewpub
(Ulverston, Cumbria 2019-Still Brewing)
Outgang Brewery Ltd Brewpub
(Kinsley, West Yorkshire 2017-Still Brewing)
The Old Inn Brewhouse Brewpub
(Gairloch, Ross and Cromarty 2010-Still Brewing)
The Outhouse Brewery 2021 Tap Room
(Wokingham, Berkshire 2021-Still Brewing)
Old Kent Road Brewery
(London, Greater London 2016-Still Brewing)
Outlandish Brewing Company
(Glenboig, Lanarkshire 2020-Still Brewing)
Old Luxters Farm Brewery Photo
(Hambleden, Buckinghamshire 1990-Still Brewing)
The Outpost Brewery Tap Room
(London, Greater London 2020-Still Brewing)
Old Mill Brewery
(Snaith, East Riding of Yorkshire 1983-Still Brewing)
Outstanding Brewing Co Ltd
(Salford, Greater Manchester 2008-Still Brewing)
Old Pie Factory Brewery Limited
(Warwick, Warwickshire 2011-Still Brewing)
Ovenstone 109 Ltd
(Ovenstone, Fife 2018-Still Brewing)
The Old Prentonian Brewing Co Ltd Brewing Suspended
(Sompting, West Sussex 2016-Brewing Suspended)
Overkill Microbrewery Brewpub
(Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear 2016-Still Brewing)
Old Sawley Brewing Company Brewpub
(Long Eaton, Derbyshire 2013-Still Brewing)
Overtone Brewing Co
(Glasgow, Glasgow City 2018-Still Brewing)
Old School Brewery Tap Room
(Warton, Lancashire 2012-Still Brewing)
Oxhey Village Brewery
(2018-Still Brewing)
Old Spot Brewery Limited Photo
(Cullingworth, West Yorkshire 2005-Still Brewing)
The Oxted Brewery Ltd
(Oxted, Surrey 2015-Still Brewing)
Old Street Brewery Ltd Tap Room
(London, Greater London 2018-Still Brewing)

Breweries who do not own a brewery (7)

Oddly Limited Cuckoo Brewer

Off The Wall Sister Plant Alternative Name

Old Chimneys Brewery Cuckoo Brewer

Old Laxey Brewing Co. Ltd Contract Brewer Photo

Old Worthy Brewing Company Ltd Contract Brewer

Origami Brewing Company Ltd Cuckoo Brewer Small Format

Outhouse Brewing Ltd Cuckoo Brewer

Breweries whose names are no longer used on beer in production (74)

D. O'Brien Brewery Limited Closed
(Whetstone, Leicestershire 2016-2018)
Ollie's Brewery Closed
(Cardiff, South Glamorgan 2016-2018)
O'Hanlon's Brewery Ltd Closed
(Whimple, Devon 1996-2013)
One Degree East Brewery Closed
(Great Bricett, Suffolk 2018-2019)
Oak Brewery Co Ltd Dead Brand Photo
(Heywood, Greater Manchester 1982-Still Brewing)
The Orange Brewery Closed Brewpub Photo
(Pimlico, Greater London 1983-2001)
Oakhill Brewery Closed
(Oakhill, Somerset 1984-2004)
Orchard Brewery Bar Closed Brewpub Photo
(Barnsley, South Yorkshire 1999-2003)
Oakleaf Brewing Company Limited Closed Photo
(Gosport, Hampshire 2000-2016)
Orchard Brewery Closed
(Scawby Brook, Lincolnshire 2000-2002)
Oakwell Brewery Closed Photo
(Barnsley, South Yorkshire 1997-2013)
Ordnance City Brewery Closed
(Ashcott, Somerset 2012-2016)
Oast House Breweries Cyf Closed Cuckoo Brewer
Organic Brewhouse Dead Brand
(The Lizard, Cornwall 2000-Still Brewing)
Oates Brewing Company Closed Alternative Name
(Halifax, West Yorkshire 2012-2017)
Original Brewing Company (Basildon) Closed Brewpub
(Basildon, Essex 1998-2000)
Oban Ales Ltd Closed
(Kilmelford, Argyll and Bute 2010-2010)
Original Brewing Company (Birmingham) Closed Brewpub
(Rednal, West Midlands 1998-2000)
Oban Bay Brewery Closed Brewpub Photo
(Oban, Argyll and Bute 2009-2016)
Original Brewing Company (Bracknell) Closed Brewpub
(Bracknell, Berkshire 1997-2000)
The Occasional Brewing Co Closed
(Silverton, Devon 2014-2016)
Original Brewing Company (Cardiff) Closed Brewpub
(Cardiff, South Glamorgan 1997-2000)
Odcombe Ales Closed Brewpub Photo
(Odcombe, Somerset 2001-2004)
Original Brewing Company (Finchley) Closed Brewpub
(London, Greater London 1996-2000)
Odley Ales Closed Alternative Name
(Bridgnorth, Shropshire 2013-2016)
Original Brewing Company (Glasgow) Closed Brewpub
(Bargeddie, Lanarkshire 1997-2000)
Offbeat Brewery Ltd Closed Photo
(Crewe, Cheshire 2010-2018)
Original Brewing Company (Horwich) Closed Brewpub
(Horwich, Greater Manchester 1998-2000)
The Old Bank Street Brew House Closed Brewpub
(Manchester, Greater Manchester 1983-1985)
Original Brewing Company (Leeds) Closed Brewpub
(Leeds, West Yorkshire 1998-2000)
Old Barn Brewery Closed
(Tow Law, County Durham 1997-2001)
Original Brewing Company (Leicester) Closed Brewpub
(Braunstone, Leicestershire 1995-2000)
Old Bear Brewery Closed Photo
(Keighley, West Yorkshire 1992-2015)
Original Brewing Company (Sheffield) Closed Brewpub
(Sheffield, South Yorkshire 1998-2000)
The Old Bog Brewery Closed Brewpub Photo
(Headington, Oxfordshire 2005-2018)
Original Brewing Company (Stevenage) Closed Brewpub
(Stevenage, Hertfordshire 1996-2000)
The Old Brewery Closed Brewpub Photo
(London, Greater London 2010-2016)
Original Brewing Company (Surrey Quays) Closed Brewpub
(London, Greater London 1998-2000)
Clarence Tavern and Old Chapel Brewery Closed Brewpub Photo
(Gosport, Hampshire 1999-2000)
Original Brewing Company (Watford) Closed Brewpub
(Watford, Hertfordshire 1996-2000)
Old Cottage Beer Co Closed
(New Hutton, Cumbria 1996-1998)
Original Brewing Company Closed Brewery Group
The Old Court Brewhouse Closed Brewpub Photo
(Huddersfield, West Yorkshire 1994-2000)
The Original Hereford Brewing Company Closed Brewpub
(Hereford, Herefordshire 1990-1994)
The Old Foreigner Brewery Closed Brewpub Photo
(Glenkindie, Aberdeenshire 2007-2010)
Otherton Ales Limited Closed Cuckoo Brewer
Old Forge Brewery Closed Brewpub Alternative Name Photo
(Pett, East Sussex 1995-1998)
Otherton Ales Ltd Closed Cuckoo Brewer
The Old Forge Brewery Closed Brewpub Photo
(Coleshill, Oxfordshire 2010-2018)
The Otley Brewing Company Limited Closed Photo
(Pontypridd, Mid Glamorgan 2005-2018)
Old Friends Brewery Ltd Closed
(Cambridge, Cambridgeshire 2016-2019)
Oulton Ales Ltd Closed Photo
(Lowestoft, Suffolk 1993-2008)
Old Hands Dead Brand Photo
(Twickenham, Greater London 2004-Still Brewing)
Ouseburn Valley Brewery Closed
(Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear 2010-2017)
Old Johnnies Brewery Closed Brewpub
(Hungerford, Berkshire 2015-2015)
Outlaw Brewing Company Tap Room Dead Brand
(Harrogate, North Yorkshire 1992-Still Brewing)
Old Kent Brewery Company Closed
(Borough Green, Kent 2000-2003)
Owenshaw Mill Brewery Ltd Closed Photo
(Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire 2011-2015)
Old London Bridge Brewery Closed
(London, Greater London 2000-2000)
Owl Brewing Co Ltd Closed Photo
(Oldham, Greater Manchester 2004-2008)
The Old Market Brewery Closed
(Caernarfon, Gwynedd 2014-2017)
Oxbrew Ltd Closed
(Freeland, Oxfordshire 2017-2020)
Old Pint Pot Brewery Closed Brewpub Photo
(Salford, Greater Manchester 1996-2000)
Oxenhope Moorlands Brewery Closed Brewpub Photo
(Oxenhope, West Yorkshire 2003-2004)
Old Stables Brewing Company Closed Brewpub Photo
(Sandy, Bedfordshire 2002-2006)
The Oxford Bakery & Brewhouse Closed Brewpub
(Oxford, Oxfordshire 1984-1989)
Old Wheelton Brewery Closed Brewpub
(Wheelton, Lancashire 2001-2003)
Oxford Brewery Ltd Closed
(Kidlington, Oxfordshire 2002-2003)
Oldershaw Brewery Dead Brand
(Barkston Heath, Lincolnshire 1997-Still Brewing)
Oxfordshire Ales Closed Photo
(Marsh Gibbon, Buckinghamshire 2005-2015)
Oldham Brewery Ltd Closed
(Oldham, Greater Manchester 1868-1982)
The Oyster Bar & Brewery Closed Brewpub Photo
(Ellenabeich, Argyll and Bute 2005-2008)
Ole Slew Foot Brewing Company Ltd Closed
(North Walsham, Norfolk 2009-2015)
Öl Nano Brewery & Bar Updated Closed Brewpub No Cask Ale
(Manchester, Greater Manchester 2017-2021)

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