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Breweries In The Historic County of Kent

We list 118 breweries in the Historic County of Kent. Of these, 58 are open breweries, 60 are closed breweries (see footnote).

Breweries in production

The Brewery Of Angels and Demons Limited Taproom
(Capel-Le-Ferne, Kent 2015-Still Brewing)
Musket Brewery Limited Taproom
(Linton, Kent 2013-Still Brewing)
Bexley Brewery Limited
(Erith, Greater London 2014-Still Brewing)
Mutineers Brewery
(Bromley, Greater London 2018-Still Brewing)
Br3wery Craft Brewing Co Taproom
(London, Greater London 2021-Still Brewing)
Nelson Brewing Co. UK Ltd Photo
(Chatham, Kent 2003-Still Brewing)
Breakwater Brewery Limited Taproom
(Dover, Kent 2016-Still Brewing)
No Frills Joe Brewing Company
(Greenhithe, Kent 2017-Still Brewing)
Brew By Numbers (Morden Wharf) Taproom
(London, Greater London 2022-Still Brewing)
Northdown Brewery Taproom
(Margate, Kent 2018-Still Brewing)
Brockley Brewing Company Limited (Hither Green) Taproom
(London, Greater London 2019-Still Brewing)
The Oak Brewery Brewpub
(Sevenoaks, Kent 2018-Still Brewing)
Brockley Brewing Company Limited Taproom
(London, Greater London 2013-Still Brewing)
Pig & Porter Brewing Co
(Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent 2013-Still Brewing)
Broken Drum Brewery
(Belvedere, Greater London 2018-Still Brewing)
Ramsgate Brewery Limited Photo
(Broadstairs, Kent 2002-Still Brewing)
The Canterbury Ales Photo
(Chartham, Kent 2010-Still Brewing)
Romney Marsh Brewery Limited
(New Romney, Kent 2015-Still Brewing)
Canterbury Brewers Brewpub
(Canterbury, Kent 2011-Still Brewing)
Running Man Brewery
(Chatham, Kent 2018-Still Brewing)
Cellar Head Brewing Company Ltd Taproom
(Flimwell, Kent 2017-Still Brewing)
Salt Beer Factory (London)
(London, Greater London 2022-Still Brewing)
Curious Brewery Taproom
(Ashford, Kent 2019-Still Brewing)
SEB Brewing & Packaging
(St. Peter, Kent 2022-Still Brewing)
Farriers Arms Brewery Brewpub Photo
(Mersham, Kent 2010-Still Brewing)
Shepherd Neame Ltd
(Faversham, Kent 1698-Still Brewing)
Floc Brewing Ltd Taproom
(Canterbury, Kent 2020-Still Brewing)
Shivering Sands Brewery Ltd Taproom
(Manston, Kent 2020-Still Brewing)
Fonthill Brewing Company Taproom
(Tunbridge Wells, Kent 2017-Still Brewing)
Southey Brewing Co Taproom
(London, Greater London 2017-Still Brewing)
Four Candles Brewery Brewpub
(Broadstairs, Kent 2014-Still Brewing)
Stag Brewery
(Woodchurch, Kent 2016-Still Brewing)
P & DJ Goacher
(Tovil, Kent 1983-Still Brewing)
Time & Tide Brewing Ltd
(Worth, Kent 2015-Still Brewing)
Goody Ales Ltd Taproom
(Herne, Kent 2012-Still Brewing)
Tonbridge Brewery Ltd Photo
(East Peckham, Kent 2010-Still Brewing)
The Hildenborough Brewery Ltd Small Format
(Hildenborough, Kent 2018-Still Brewing)
Twice Brewed Brew House Brewpub
(Bardon Mill, Northumberland 2017-Still Brewing)
Hinks' Craft Brewery
(Ruckinge, Kent 2019-Still Brewing)
The Tír Dhá Ghlas Brewing Company Brewpub Photo
(Dover, Kent 2012-Still Brewing)
Hop Fuzz Brewery Ltd
(West Hythe, Kent 2011-Still Brewing)
Up The Creek Brewery Brewpub
(London, Greater London 2018-Still Brewing)
Hopdaemon Brewery Company Limited Brewing Suspended
(Newnham, Kent 2001-Brewing Suspended)
Villages Brewery Limited Taproom
(London, Greater London 2016-Still Brewing)
Iron Pier Brewery Ltd Taproom
(Northfleet, Kent 2017-Still Brewing)
Volden Brewery
(London, Greater London 2012-Still Brewing)
Isla Vale Alesmiths
(Margate, Kent 2014-Still Brewing)
Wantsum Brewery Ltd Taproom
(St Nicholas At Wade, Kent 2009-Still Brewing)
Kent Brewery Photo
(Birling, Kent 2010-Still Brewing)
Westerham Brewery Company Ltd Taproom Photo
(Westerham, Kent 2004-Still Brewing)
Larkins Brewery Ltd
(Chiddingstone, Kent 1986-Still Brewing)
Whitstable Brewery Photo
(Grafty Green, Kent 2003-Still Brewing)
Mad Cat Brewery Ltd
(Faversham, Kent 2012-Still Brewing)
The Wild Beer Company Taproom Alternative Name
(Ashford, Kent 2019-Still Brewing)
Meantime Brewing Company Taproom
(London, Greater London 2000-Still Brewing)
XYLO Brewing Ltd Brewpub No Cask Ale
(Margate, Kent 2019-Still Brewing)
Moot Brew Co Taproom
(Upper Halling, Kent 2023-Still Brewing)
Zerodegrees (Blackheath) Brewpub No Cask Ale Photo
(Blackheath, Greater London 2000-Still Brewing)

Breweries whose names are used on beer no longer in production

12 Bar Brewing Company Limited Closed
(Marden, Kent 2015-2015)
Kent Garden Brewery Closed
(Faversham, Kent 1999-2000)
Abigale Brewing Company Ltd Closed
(Ashford, Kent 2010-2012)
Kentish Ales Closed
(Rusthall, Kent 1984-1986)
Ales of Kent Brewery Limited Closed
(Boxley, Kent 1999-2002)
Kettledrum Brewery Ltd Closed
(Burham, Kent 2017-2018)
Alpha State Brewery Closed No Cask Ale
(Horsmonden, Kent 2013-2022)
Late Knights Brewery Ltd Closed
(London, Greater London 2013-2016)
The Amazing Brewery Co Ltd Closed Brewpub
(Sandgate, Kent 2016-2022)
Maidstone Brewery Closed
(Maidstone, Kent 2014-2017)
Ashford Brewery Closed
(Ashford, Kent 1983-1985)
The Millis Brewing Company Ltd Closed
(South Darenth, Kent 2002-2022)
Attwell's Brewery Closed
(St Nicholas at Wade, Kent 2015-2017)
Minnis Brewery Closed Brewpub
(Stelling Minnis, Kent 1995-1996)
Bourne and Bred Beer Ltd Closed
(Lynsted, Kent 2020-2023)
Moodley's Microbrewery Closed
(Penshurst, Kent 2009-2012)
Boutilliers Ltd Closed
(Faversham, Kent 2016-2022)
The Old Brewery Closed Brewpub Photo
(London, Greater London 2010-2016)
Brew Buddies Closed Taproom
(Swanley, Kent 2015-2020)
The Old Dairy Brewing Co Ltd Closed Taproom
(Tenterden, Kent 2010-2022)
Brumaison Ltd Closed
(Marden, Kent 2017-2022)
Old Kent Brewery Company Closed
(Borough Green, Kent 2000-2003)
By The Mile Brewery Closed
(Broadstairs, Kent 2016-2019)
Old Kent Road Brewery Closed
(London, Greater London 2019-2021)
By The Mile Brewey Closed
(Broadstairs, Kent 2016-2018)
Packhorse Brewery Closed
(Ashford, Kent 1990-1993)
Clarence & Fredericks Brewing Co Dead Brand
(London, Greater London 2012-Still Brewing)
Philatelist & Firkin Closed Brewpub
(Bromley, Greater London 1997-1999)
Constellation Brewery Ltd Closed Taproom
(Tonbridge, Kent 2020-2022)
Range Ales Brewery Limited Closed
(Lympne, Kent 2016-2020)
Cossack Brewery Closed Brewpub
(Canterbury, Kent 2013-2013)
Ripple Steam Brewery Limited Closed
(Sutton, Kent 2011-2019)
The Dartford Wobbler Brewery Closed
(South Darenth, Kent 2002-2022)
Rockin' Robin Brewery Closed
(Boughton Monchelsea, Kent 2011-2022)
The Flagship Brewery Ltd Closed
(Chatham, Kent 1995-2003)
Royal Tunbridge Wells Brewery Closed
(Rusthall, Kent 1982-1983)
The Folkstone Brewery Closed
(Folkestone, Kent 2016-2017)
Royal Tunbridge Wells Brewing Company Limited Closed
(Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent 2010-2012)
Fox & Firkin Closed Brewpub
(London, Greater London 1980-1999)
Samphire Brewery Limited Closed
(Folkestone, Kent 2015-2018)
Fremlins Ltd Closed
(Maidstone, Kent 1790-1972)
Sevenoaks Brewery Closed Brewpub
(Seal, Kent 1981-1986)
G2 Brewing Ltd Closed
(Ashford, Kent 2012-2018)
Simply Hops Closed
(Paddock Wood, Kent 2015-2017)
Gadds' Dead Brand Photo
(Broadstairs, Kent 2002-Still Brewing)
Spencers Beer Closed
(Ashford, Kent 2012-2018)
Gravesend Brewing Company Closed
(South Darenth, Kent 2002-2022)
Swale & North Weald Brewery Closed Photo
(Grafty Green, Kent 1995-2003)
Greenwich Brewery Company Brewpub Dead Brand
(London, Greater London 2018-Still Brewing)
Swale Brewery Closed Photo
(Grafty Green, Kent 1995-2003)
Headcorn Hop Brewery Closed
(Headcorn, Kent 2019-2021)
The Swan Microbrewery Closed Brewpub Photo
(West Peckham, Kent 2000-2023)
Honest Brew Ltd Closed
(London, Greater London 2013-2015)
The Tap 'n' Tin Brew Pub Closed Brewpub Photo
(Chatham, Kent 1999-2000)
Hop Stuff Brewery Closed
(London, Greater London 2013-2021)
Tumanny Albion Brewing Company Ltd Closed
(Tunbridge Wells, Kent 2014-2016)
Jolly Fenman Brewery Closed Brewpub
(Sidcup, Greater London 1984-1988)
Tun, Vine & Press Closed Photo
(Grafty Green, Kent 1995-2003)
Kent Brewery Ltd Closed
(Betteshanger, Kent 1998-2000)
Viking Ales Ltd Closed
(Broadstairs, Kent 1995-1997)


Other categories of "brewery" include, amongst others, brewers whose status is uncertain and probably not brewing, closed breweries whose brands are produced elsewhere, brewery groups non-brewing headquarters, contract, cuckoo and gypsy brewers, who are free to move premisses, are not allocated to a county.

Last Updated : 11th October 2023