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Breweries In The Local Government Authority area of Cornwall

We list 65 breweries in the Local Government Authority area of Cornwall. Of these, 37 are open breweries, 28 are closed breweries and 0 are otherwise categorised (see footnote).

Breweries in production

Ales of Scilly Brewery Photo
(St. Mary's, Cornwall 2001-Still Brewing)
Longhill Brewery
(Whitstone, Cornwall 2011-Still Brewing)
Altarun Brewing Ltd Alternative Name Photo
(Altarnun, Cornwall 2008-Still Brewing)
Newquay Brewing Project Ltd
(Lostwithiel, Cornwall 2021-Still Brewing)
Atlantic Brewery
(Treisaac, Cornwall 2005-Still Brewing)
Newquay Steam Brewery Brewpub
(Goonhavern, Cornwall 2021-Still Brewing)
Black Flag Brewery Ltd Tap Room
(Perranporth, Cornwall 2013-Still Brewing)
Padstow Brewing Company llp
(Padstow, Cornwall 2013-Still Brewing)
Blue Anchor Brewery Brewpub Photo
(Helston, Cornwall 1400-Still Brewing)
Penpont Brewery Photo
(Altarnun, Cornwall 2008-Still Brewing)
Bluntrock Brewery Tap Room
(Pityme, Cornwall 2020-Still Brewing)
Penzance Brewing Company Ltd Brewpub Photo
(Crowlas, Cornwall 2008-Still Brewing)
Castle Brewery Photo
(Lostwithiel, Cornwall 2008-Still Brewing)
Pipeline Brewing Co No Cask Ale Tap Room
(St Agnes, Cornwall 2019-Still Brewing)
Cornish Chough Brewery
(The Lizard, Cornwall 2000-Still Brewing)
Point Break Brewery Small Format
(Trevelmond, Cornwall 2020-Still Brewing)
Cornish Crown Brewery
(Badgers Cross, Cornwall 2011-Still Brewing)
Sharp's Brewery Ltd Tap Room Photo
(St Minver, Cornwall 1994-Still Brewing)
Dowr Kammel Brewing Company Ltd
(St Breward, Cornwall 2016-Still Brewing)
Skinner's Brewing Co Limited Tap Room Photo
(Newham, Cornwall 1997-Still Brewing)
Driftwood Spars Brewery Brewpub Photo
(St Agnes, Cornwall 2000-Still Brewing)
St Austell Brewery Co. Ltd Photo
(St Austell, Cornwall 1860-Still Brewing)
Dynamite Valley Brewery Ltd Tap Room
(Ponsanooth, Cornwall 2015-Still Brewing)
St Ives Brewery Limited
(St Ives, Cornwall 2011-Still Brewing)
Firebrand Brewing Co Alternative Name Photo
(Altarnun, Cornwall 2008-Still Brewing)
Tintagel Brewery Ltd Tap Room
(Tintagel, Cornwall 2009-Still Brewing)
The Forge Brewery
(Woolley, Cornwall 2008-Still Brewing)
Tower Brewing
(St Tudy, Cornwall 2016-Still Brewing)
The Harbour Brewing Company Ltd
(Lanivet, Cornwall 2012-Still Brewing)
Treen's Brewery
(Ponsanooth, Cornwall 2016-Still Brewing)
Keltek Brewery Photo
(Redruth, Cornwall 1997-Still Brewing)
Tremethick Brewery Small Format
(Grampound, Cornwall 2016-Still Brewing)
Krow Brewing Company
(Redruth, Cornwall 2019-Still Brewing)
Verdant Brewing Co Ltd Tap Room
(Penryn, Cornwall 2015-Still Brewing)
Lacuna Brewing Ltd No Cask Ale Tap Room
(Penryn, Cornwall 2021-Still Brewing)
Woodman's Wild Ales
(Ponsanooth, Cornwall 2016-Still Brewing)
Lizard Ales Ltd
(Treleaver, Cornwall 2004-Still Brewing)

Breweries whose names are used on beer no longer in production

Bathtub Brewery Closed Photo
(Forest, Cornwall 2004-2007)
Hogswood Brewing Company Closed
(Mithian, Cornwall 2010-2013)
Black Rock Brewing Closed
(Falmouth, Cornwall 2013-2018)
Leafy Hollow Brewery Closed
(Bodmin, Cornwall 2015-2018)
Bodmin Ales Closed
(Cardinham, Cornwall 1982-1984)
Min Pin Inn Closed
(Tintagel, Cornwall 1986-1994)
Bude Brewery Closed
(Bude, Cornwall 2011-2018)
North Cornwall Brewers Closed
(Tintagel, Cornwall 1986-1994)
Camel Brewing Co Dead Brand
(St Breward, Cornwall 2016-Still Brewing)
Organic Brewhouse Dead Brand
(The Lizard, Cornwall 2000-Still Brewing)
Carn Brea Brewery Closed
(Launceston, Cornwall 2001-2006)
Paradise Brewery Closed Brewpub Photo
(Hayle, Cornwall 1981-2018)
The Doghouse Brewery Co Closed
(Redruth, Cornwall 2001-2008)
Poldark Brewery Closed
(Trenear, Cornwall 2010-2011)
Forgotten Corner Brewery Closed Photo
(Millbrook, Cornwall 2008-2010)
Redruth Brewery (1742) Ltd Closed
(Redruth, Cornwall 1792-2004)
The Fowey Brewery Ltd Closed
(Lostwithiel, Cornwall 2016-2021)
Ring O'Bells Brewery Ltd Closed
(Launceston, Cornwall 2001-2006)
Fowey River Brewing Company Closed
(Lostwithiel, Cornwall 2017-2018)
Roseland Brewery Ltd Closed
(Philleigh, Cornwall 2009-2017)
Fry's Brewery Closed
(Bude, Cornwall 2011-2018)
Ventonwyn Brewing Company Ltd Closed
(Grampound Road, Cornwall 1999-2001)
Granite Rock Brewery Closed
(Penryn, Cornwall 2013-2020)
Warrior Brewing Co Closed
(Redruth, Cornwall 2004-2010)
Green Room Ales Ltd Closed
(Sticker, Cornwall 2009-2010)
Wheal Ale Brewery Closed Brewpub Photo
(Hayle, Cornwall 1981-2018)
Hardhead Brewing Company Closed
(Pensilva, Cornwall 2014-2015)
Wooden Hand Brewery Closed Photo
(Grampound Road, Cornwall 2002-2017)


Other categories of "brewery" include, amongst others, brewers whose status is uncertain and probably not brewing, closed breweries whose brands are produced elsewhere and brewery groups non-brewing headquarters. Contract, cuckoo and gypsy brewers, who are free to move premisses, and not allocated to a county.

Last Updated : 14th April 2022