The Directory of UK Brewers

Breweries Beginning With V

Below is a map of all open breweries beginning with Breweries Beginning With V. Please see the footnote at the bottom of the page about the accuracy of points on the map.

Breweries in production (20)

Vaguely Brewing Ltd
(Bingham, Nottinghamshire 2019-Still Brewing)

Vale Brewery Company Tap Room
(Brill, Buckinghamshire 1995-Still Brewing)

The Vale Of Glamorgan Brewery Limited Alternative Name Photo
(Sully, South Glamorgan 2005-Still Brewing)

Vault City Brewing Ltd
(Edinburgh, Midlothian 2020-Still Brewing)

Vaux Brewery Tap Room
(Sunderland, Tyne and Wear 2021-Still Brewing)

Ventile Brew Co
(Stockport, Greater Manchester 2021-Still Brewing)

Verdant Brewing Co Ltd Tap Room
(Penryn, Cornwall 2015-Still Brewing)

Vibish Brewing Ltd Tap Room
(Westlea, Wiltshire 2022-Still Brewing)

Vibrant Forest Brewery Tap Room
(Hardley, Hampshire 2011-Still Brewing)

Victoria Inn Brewhouse Brewpub
(Roch, Dyfed 2017-Still Brewing)

The Village Brewer Brew Twenty2 Brewpub
(Darlington, County Durham 2014-Still Brewing)

Villages Brewery Limited Tap Room
(London, Greater London 2016-Still Brewing)

The Vine Brewery Brewpub
(Tarring, West Sussex 2019-Still Brewing)

The Vine Inn Brewery 2016 Ltd Brewpub
(Rugeley, Staffordshire 2016-Still Brewing)

VIP Brewery Alternative Name
(Lesbury, Northumberland 2018-Still Brewing)

Virtue Brewing Ltd Tap Room
(Milton-under-Wychwood, Oxfordshire 2022-Still Brewing)

Vittles & Company Brewing Tap Room
(Kingston upon Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire 2018-Still Brewing)

Vocation Brewery Limited
(Cragg Vale, West Yorkshire 2015-Still Brewing)

VOG Brewery Photo
(Sully, South Glamorgan 2005-Still Brewing)

Volden Brewery
(London, Greater London 2012-Still Brewing)

Breweries who do not own a brewery (2)

The Village Brewer Contract Brewer

VIP Brewery Take Over

Breweries whose names are no longer used on beer in production (22)

Vadum Brewery Ltd Closed Cuckoo Brewer
Ventonwyn Brewing Company Ltd Closed
(Grampound Road, Cornwall 1999-2001)
Vagrant Brewing Closed Cuckoo Brewer
Verse Brewing Closed Brewpub
(Bath, Somerset 2020-2022)
Valhalla Brewery Closed
(Voe, Shetland 1997-2019)
Verulam Brewery Closed Brewpub Photo
(St Albans, Hertfordshire 1997-2015)
Valley Brewery Closed
(Aberdare, Mid Glamorgan 2001-2001)
Veterans Brewing Ltd Closed Contract Brewer
Valley View Brewery Closed Non-commercial Brewery
(Carlton, Nottinghamshire)
Vieira Brewing Company Closed Cuckoo Brewer
Valve Brewing Co Ltd Closed
(Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh 2015-2018)
Vigilante Brewing Co Closed
(Sheffield, South Yorkshire 2008-2019)
Vaux Breweries Ltd Closed
(Sunderland, Tyne and Wear 1837-1999)
Viking Ales Ltd Closed
(Broadstairs, Kent 1995-1997)
The Velvet Owl Brewing Company Limited Closed Nomad Brewer
Vintage Ale Company Closed Contract Brewer
Vendetta Brewing Company Limited Closed
(Southend-on-Sea, Essex 2018-2019)
Violet Cottage Brewing Company Ltd Closed Brewpub
(Gwaelod-y-Garth, South Glamorgan 2012-2019)
Vens Brewing Co Ltd Closed
(Rawreth, Essex 2010-2011)
Viper Ales Closed Contract Brewer
Ventnor Brewery Ltd Closed Photo
(Ventnor, Isle of Wight 1996-2009)
Vision Brewing Co Ltd Closed
(Kingston upon Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire 2018-2018)


The above map is not completely maintained by us at Quaffale. While we have attempted to verify that the map points to the correct location, we only have the ability to change the pointers and not the map they are on. The colour of the markers is significant; locations marked by a green marker are accurately located by latitude and longitude. Those with a yellow marker are located using the British Post Code system which, while normally covering a small area in towns and cities, can cover an area of a few square kilometres in the countryside and should be used with caution. Those with red markers are potentially very inaccurate and could be indicative of being in that town or county only and are included for completeness only and should not be used to identify the location of the brewery. If you believe that there is an error, or that you can more accurately identify a brewery, please contact us and we will investigate.

Last Updated : 3rd August 2023