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Breweries Closed In 2007

The following is a list of the 32 breweries listed on this site that closed in 2007 that are listed on the site. Please note that this is not a complete list of all breweries ever in existance, just the ones on this site and is nowhere near complete before the mid-1980's. Additional historical information is being added as time allows. While we have tried to ensure the information below is correct, if you believe that something is incorrect please contact us

Barefoot Brewery Closed
(Stannington, Northumberland 2006-2007)

Bathtub Brewery Closed Photo
(Forest, Cornwall 2004-2007)

Blanchfields Brewing Co Closed
(Mayland, Essex 1997-2007)

Burrington Brewery Closed
(Burrington, Devon 2003-2007)

City of Cambridge Brewery Take Over

Dobbins And Jackson Newport Brewing Company Limited Closed
(Newport, Gwent 2006-2007)

Dove Valley Brewing Closed Photo
(Church Broughton, Derbyshire 2007-2007)

Dunkery Ales Ltd Closed
(Exford, Somerset 2006-2007)

Farmers Arms Brewery Closed
(Newton In Furness, Cumbria 2007-2007)

Fen Ales Closed
(Weston Hills, Lincolnshire 2006-2007)

The Flock Inn Brewery Closed Brewpub Photo
(Brechfa, Dyfed 2006-2007)

Garton Brewery Closed
(Garton on the Wolds, East Riding of Yorkshire 2001-2007)

Juwards Brewery Closed
(Wellington, Somerset 1994-2007)

Leeming Waters Brewery Closed
(Oxenhope, West Yorkshire 2004-2007)

Marches Ales Closed
(Dormington, Herefordshire 1995-2007)

Mash Ltd Closed Brewpub No Cask Ale Photo
(London, Greater London 1998-2007)

The Moorcock Brewing Co Closed
(Hawes, North Yorkshire 2005-2007)

Paradise Brewing Company Closed Photo
(Wrenbury, Cheshire 2000-2007)

Peelwalls Brewery Closed
(Ayton, Berwickshire 2004-2007)

Porter Brewing Co Ltd Closed Brewpub Photo
(Haslingden, Lancashire 1994-2007)

Rosebridge Brewery Closed Photo
(Wigan, Greater Manchester 2006-2007)

Soldiers Return Closed Brewpub
(Basingstoke, Hampshire 2007-2007)

Star Beermaking Company Closed
(Steeple, Essex 2005-2007)

Tarka Ales Ltd Closed
(Fremington, Devon 2003-2007)

Webb's Brewery Limited Closed
(Cwm, Gwent 2006-2007)

Weobley Organic Beers Ltd Closed
(Weobley, Herefordshire 2007-2007)

WF6 Brewing Company Closed Photo
(Normanton, West Yorkshire 2004-2007)

Wharfedale Brewery Ltd Closed Photo
(Rylstone, North Yorkshire 2003-2007)

White Star Brewery Ltd Closed
(Waltham Chase, Hampshire 2003-2007)

Wicked Hathern Brewery Ltd Cuckoo Brewer

Wild Hop Brewery Ltd Closed Contract Brewer

The Winchester Brewery Limited Closed
(Southampton, Hampshire 2005-2007)

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