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The UK operation of the international brewing giant Anheuser-Busch InBev was formed in Spring 2000 when the brewing interests of Bass Brewers were purchased. This was quickly followed by the takeover of The Whitbread Beer Company a couple of months later making it responsible for brewing over 30% of the beer consumed in this country. Following a Government investigation, the sale of a number of breweries was instructed and this resulted in the sale of three breweries to Molson Coors Brewing Company (UK) Limited at the start of 2002. The following cask ale breweries were left in existence:

Boddingtons - Closed March 2005

The following brewpubs were sold on:

Fellows, Morton & Clayton Brewhouse Company - Closed by 2008
Frog & Parrot Brewhouse - Closed by 2006
Lass O'Gowrie Brewhouse - Closed by 2003

Two large keg breweries are still operated:

Budwesier Brewing UK (Magor)
Budwesier Brewing UK (Salmesbury)


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