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Breweries In The Historic County of Derbyshire

We list 118 breweries in the Historic County of Derbyshire. Of these, 66 are open breweries, 52 are closed breweries (see footnote).

Breweries in production

The 14 Lock Brewery Brewpub
(Bullbridge, Derbyshire 2022-Still Brewing)
Hollow Tree Brewing Co Ltd Small Format
(Whatstandwell, Derbyshire 2019-Still Brewing)
3P's Brewery
(Woodville, Derbyshire 2020-Still Brewing)
The Instant Karma Brewing Co Ltd Brewpub
(Clay Cross, Derbyshire 2013-Still Brewing)
Aldwark Artisan Ales
(Aldwark, Derbyshire 2017-Still Brewing)
Intrepid Brewing Co Ltd
(Brough, Derbyshire 2014-Still Brewing)
Alter Ego Brewing Co Ltd Taproom
(Alfreton DE55 7RG, Derbyshire 2018-Still Brewing)
Leadmill Brewery Ltd Photo
(Heanor, Derbyshire 1999-Still Brewing)
Ashover Brewery
(Clay Cross, Derbyshire 2015-Still Brewing)
Leatherbritches Brewery Ltd
(Smisby, Derbyshire 1994-Still Brewing)
Bad Bunny Brewery Ltd
(Bullbridge, Derbyshire 2016-Still Brewing)
Little Brewing Company Ltd
(Derby, Derbyshire 2015-Still Brewing)
Bad Ram Brewery Brewing Suspended Photo
(Sandybrook, Derbyshire 2003-Brewing Suspended)
Little Eaton Brewery Alternative Name
(Little Eaton, Derbyshire 2007-Still Brewing)
Bang The Elephant Brewing Co Ltd
(Langley Mill, Derbyshire 2018-Still Brewing)
The Marlpool Brewing Company Limited Brewpub Photo
(Heanor, Derbyshire 2010-Still Brewing)
The Bentley Brook Brewing Co Taproom
(Lower Lumsdale, Derbyshire 2018-Still Brewing)
Matlock Wolds Farm Brewery
(Matlock, Derbyshire 2014-Still Brewing)
Big Stone Beer Ltd Brewing Suspended
(Chinley, Derbyshire 2020-Brewing Suspended)
Moody Fox Brewing Co
(Hilcote, Derbyshire 2016-Still Brewing)
Birch Cottage Brewery
(Long Eaton, Derbyshire 2018-Still Brewing)
Moot Ales Brewing Co Brewpub
(Matlock, Derbyshire 2018-Still Brewing)
Birchover Brewery Brewpub
(Birchover, Derbyshire 2015-Still Brewing)
Morgan Brew Masters Brewpub
(Melbourne, Derbyshire 2020-Still Brewing)
Black Hole Brewery Ltd
(Little Eaton, Derbyshire 2007-Still Brewing)
Muirhouse Brewery
(Ilkeston, Derbyshire 2009-Still Brewing)
Bottle Brook Brewery
(Kilburn, Derbyshire 2006-Still Brewing)
Old Sawley Brewing Company Brewpub
(Long Eaton, Derbyshire 2013-Still Brewing)
Brampton Brewey Ltd Photo
(Chesterfield, Derbyshire 2007-Still Brewing)
Peak Ales (Production Brewery) Photo
(Bakewell, Derbyshire 2014-Still Brewing)
Brunswick Brewing Company Brewpub Photo
(Derby, Derbyshire 1991-Still Brewing)
Peak Ales (Visitor Centre)
(Chatsworth, Derbyshire 2005-Still Brewing)
Buxton Brewery Company Ltd Taproom Photo
(Buxton, Derbyshire 2010-Still Brewing)
Pentrich Brewing Co
(Pentrich, Derbyshire 2014-Still Brewing)
Campbell Street Brewing Company Taproom
(Belper, Derbyshire 2022-Still Brewing)
RBA Brewery
(Oakwood, Derbyshire 2020-Still Brewing)
Chapel-en-le-Frith Craft Brewing Co
(Chapel-en-le-Frith, Derbyshire 2015-Still Brewing)
Red Dog Ales
(Ilkeston, Derbyshire 2023-Still Brewing)
Chickenfoot Brewery Brewing Suspended Brewpub
(Bonsall, Derbyshire 2018-Brewing Suspended)
Resting Devil Brewpub
(Chesterfield, Derbyshire 2022-Still Brewing)
The Collyfobble Brewery Limited Brewpub
(Barlow, Derbyshire 2017-Still Brewing)
Shiny Brewing Co Taproom
(Little Eaton, Derbyshire 2012-Still Brewing)
Crich Brew Co Limited
(Fritchley, Derbyshire 2023-Still Brewing)
Shottle Farm Brewery Ltd Taproom Photo
(Shottle, Derbyshire 2011-Still Brewing)
Dancing Duck Beer Ltd Photo
(Derby, Derbyshire 2010-Still Brewing)
Silver Brewhouse Ltd
(Staveley, Derbyshire 2018-Still Brewing)
Derby Brewing Co Ltd Photo
(Derby, Derbyshire 2004-Still Brewing)
Taddington Brewery Ltd No Cask Ale
(Blackwell, Derbyshire 2007-Still Brewing)
Dovedale Brewing Company Ltd
(Stanshope, Derbyshire 2018-Still Brewing)
Temper Brewing Company Limited Brewpub
(Dronfield, Derbyshire 2021-Still Brewing)
The Draycott Brewing Company Ltd
(Dale Abbey, Derbyshire 2014-Still Brewing)
Thorley's Craft Beer
(Ilkeston, Derbyshire 2016-Still Brewing)
Drone Valley Brewery Taproom
(Dronfield, Derbyshire 2016-Still Brewing)
Thornbridge Brewery Taproom Photo
(Bakewell, Derbyshire 2004-Still Brewing)
Eyam Brewery
(Eyam, Derbyshire 2017-Still Brewing)
Thornsett Brewery and Hop Yard Taproom
(Birch Vale, Derbyshire 2021-Still Brewing)
Falstaff Brewery Brewpub Photo
(Derby, Derbyshire 1999-Still Brewing)
Tollgate Brewery Taproom
(Calke, Derbyshire 2005-Still Brewing)
Fuggle Bunny Brew House Ltd Taproom
(Halfway, South Yorkshire 2014-Still Brewing)
Torrside Brewing Ltd Taproom
(New Mills, Derbyshire 2015-Still Brewing)
Furnace Brewery Brewpub
(Derby, Derbyshire 2017-Still Brewing)
Townes Brewery Limited Brewpub Photo
(Staveley, Derbyshire 1994-Still Brewing)
Globe Brewery Brewpub Photo
(Glossop, Derbyshire 2006-Still Brewing)
Urban Chicken Brewery
(Ilkeston, Derbyshire 2016-Still Brewing)
Hartshorns Brewery Photo
(Derby, Derbyshire 2012-Still Brewing)
Whim Ales Ltd
(Hartington, Derbyshire 1993-Still Brewing)

Breweries whose names are used on beer no longer in production

Abstract Jungle Brewery Closed
(Langley Mill, Derbyshire 2016-2019)
Heath Village Brewery Closed
(Heath, Derbyshire 2014-2015)
Amber Ales Ltd Closed
(Ripley, Derbyshire 2006-2019)
HighPeak Brew Co Closed
(Chapel-en-le-Frith, Derbyshire 2015-2016)
Ashleyhay Brewery Closed
(Ashleyhay, Derbyshire 2014-2020)
The Hope Valley Brewing Company Ltd Closed Non-commercial Brewery Photo
(Castleton, Derbyshire)
Ashover Brewery (Ashover) Closed Brewpub Photo
(Ashover, Derbyshire 2007-2019)
Hopjacker Brewery Ltd Closed Brewpub
(Dronfield, Derbyshire 2015-2020)
Aurora Ales Limited Closed
(Ilkeston, Derbyshire 2016-2022)
Howard Town Brewery Ltd Closed Taproom Photo
(Glossop, Derbyshire 2005-2023)
Barlow Brewery Closed
(Barlow, Derbyshire 2009-2019)
John Thompson Inn and Brewery Closed Brewpub Photo
(Ingleby, Derbyshire 1977-2021)
Bartleby's Brewery Closed
(Belper, Derbyshire 2014-2022)
Landlocked Brewing Co Closed Brewpub
(Alfreton, Derbyshire 2014-2019)
Belper Brewing Company Ltd Taproom Dead Brand
(Belper, Derbyshire 2022-Still Brewing)
Little Bush Brewery Closed Brewpub
(Ripley, Derbyshire 2015-2017)
Bent Barrel Brewery Closed Brewpub
(Heanor, Derbyshire 2021-2022)
Littleover Brewery Limited Dead Brand
(Derby, Derbyshire 2015-Still Brewing)
Black Bull Brewery Closed
(Fenny Bentley, Derbyshire 1994-1999)
Mouselow Farm Brewery Closed
(Dinting, Derbyshire 2013-2022)
Brown Ales Closed
(Clay Cross, Derbyshire 2013-2015)
North Star Brewing Company Ltd Closed
(Ilkeston, Derbyshire 2012-2016)
Bumpmill Brewery Closed
(Shirland, Derbyshire 2012-2016)
Nutbrook Brewery Ltd Closed Photo
(West Hallam, Derbyshire 2007-2020)
Clarion Brewery Closed
(Blackwell, Derbyshire 2005-2005)
Rock Mill Brewery Closed Taproom
(New Mills, Derbyshire 2015-2022)
Coppice Side Brewery Ltd Closed Photo
(Heanor, Derbyshire 2010-2015)
Rowditch Inn Brewery Closed Brewpub Photo
(Derby, Derbyshire 2010-2020)
Danelaw Brewery Ltd Closed
(Chellaston, Derbyshire 2005-2006)
Saxon Cross Brewery Closed
(Harpur Hill, Derbyshire 1979-1987)
Derventio Brewery Ltd Closed
(Darley Abbey, Derbyshire 2006-2020)
Songbird Brewery Closed Brewpub
(Long Eaton, Derbyshire 2013-2017)
Distant Hills Brewing Closed Taproom Photo
(Glossop, Derbyshire 2005-2023)
The Spire Brewing Co Closed
(Sutton Scarsdale, Derbyshire 2006-2018)
Dove Valley Brewing Closed Photo
(Church Broughton, Derbyshire 2007-2007)
Steamboat Inn Closed Brewpub
(Sawley, Derbyshire 1987-1989)
Edale Brewery Company Closed
(Edale, Derbyshire 2003-2006)
John Thompson Inn and Brewery Closed Brewpub Photo
(Ingleby, Derbyshire 1977-2021)
Flamingo & Firkin (Derby) Closed Brewpub
(Derby, Derbyshire 1988-1999)
TrĂ¼b Brewing Company Limited Closed
(Glossop, Derbyshire 2014-2015)
Frontier Brewing Company Limited Closed Brewpub
(Derby, Derbyshire 2014-2016)
Wentwell Brewery Closed
(Derby, Derbyshire 2011-2016)
Gaol Ale Brewery Closed
(Wirksworth, Derbyshire 2015-2018)
Whaley Bridge Brewery Closed
(Whaley Bridge, Derbyshire 2012-2018)
Glossop Breweries Limited Closed Photo
(Hadfield, Derbyshire 2003-2004)
The Wild Walker Brewing Company Ltd Closed Photo
(Derby, Derbyshire 2008-2009)
Grasshopper Brewery Limited Closed
(Eastwood, Derbyshire 2017-2022)
Winkles Brewery Closed
(Harpur Hill, Derbyshire 1979-1987)
Hairy Brewers Ales Ltd Closed
(Holbrook, Derbyshire 2015-2019)
Wirksworth Brewery Closed
(Wirksworth, Derbyshire 2007-2014)
The Headless Brewing Company Ltd Closed Brewpub Photo
(Derby, Derbyshire 2007-2010)
Wolds Farm Brewery Dead Brand
(Matlock, Derbyshire 2014-Still Brewing)


Other categories of "brewery" include, amongst others, brewers whose status is uncertain and probably not brewing, closed breweries whose brands are produced elsewhere, brewery groups non-brewing headquarters, contract, cuckoo and gypsy brewers, who are free to move premisses, are not allocated to a county.

Last Updated : 14th August 2023