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Breweries In The Historic County of Hampshire

We list 96 breweries in the Historic County of Hampshire. Of these, 49 are open breweries, 47 are closed breweries (see footnote).

Breweries in production

Alfred's Brewery Ltd
(Winchester, Hampshire 2012-Still Brewing)
London Road Brew House Brewpub
(Southampton, Hampshire 2017-Still Brewing)
Andwell Brewing Company llp Taproom
(Andwell, Hampshire 2008-Still Brewing)
Longdog Brewery
(Basingstoke, Hampshire 2011-Still Brewing)
Bat Country Brew Co
(East Wellow, Hampshire 2022-Still Brewing)
Makemake Brewing Company Brewpub
(Southsea, Hampshire 2019-Still Brewing)
Boojum Brewery Brewpub
(Sandown, Isle of Wight 2020-Still Brewing)
Maverick Brewing Company Limited Taproom
(Kingsley, Hampshire 2023-Still Brewing)
Botley Brewery Ltd Taproom
(Botley, Hampshire 2010-Still Brewing)
Monkey Brewhouse Brewpub
(Lymington, Hampshire 2021-Still Brewing)
Bowman Ales Ltd Photo
(Droxford, Hampshire 2006-Still Brewing)
Newtown Brewery
(Gosport, Hampshire 2016-Still Brewing)
Breakbeat Brewing Limited Small Format
(Southampton, Hampshire 2023-Still Brewing)
Pig Beers Taproom
(Brockenhurst, Hampshire 2019-Still Brewing)
The Brew Forest Limited Taproom
(Lymington, Hampshire 2022-Still Brewing)
Powder Monkey Brewing Company Ltd Taproom
(Gosport, Hampshire 2019-Still Brewing)
Brewhouse & Kitchen (Portsmouth) Brewpub Photo
(Portsmouth, Hampshire 2013-Still Brewing)
The Queen Inn Brewery Brewpub Photo
(Winchester, Hampshire 2013-Still Brewing)
Brewhouse & Kitchen (Southampton) Brewpub
(Southampton, Hampshire 2015-Still Brewing)
Red Cat Brewing Taproom
(Winchester, Hampshire 2014-Still Brewing)
Brewhouse & Kitchen (Southsea) Brewpub
(Southsea, Hampshire 2018-Still Brewing)
Red Shoot Brewery Brewpub Photo
(Linwood, Hampshire 1998-Still Brewing)
Brockenhurst Brewery Brewpub
(Brockenhurst, Hampshire 2017-Still Brewing)
Ringwood Brewery Ltd Taproom
(Ringwood, Hampshire 1978-Still Brewing)
CrackleRock Brewing Company Taproom
(Botley, Hampshire 2014-Still Brewing)
Sherfield Village Brewery
(Sherfield-On-Loddon, Hampshire 2011-Still Brewing)
Dancing Man Brewery Taproom
(Southampton, Hampshire 2012-Still Brewing)
Southsea Brewing Co
(Southsea, Hampshire 2016-Still Brewing)
Drop The Anchor Brewery Limited
(Hinton, Hampshire 2017-Still Brewing)
Staggeringly Good Brewery Taproom
(Southsea, Hampshire 2015-Still Brewing)
Dummer Down Brewery Ltd Taproom
(Dummer, Hampshire 2022-Still Brewing)
Steam Town Brew Co Ltd Brewpub
(Eastleigh, Hampshire 2017-Still Brewing)
Ewe Brew Brewpub
(Andover, Hampshire 2023-Still Brewing)
Tap It Brewing Co Taproom
(Southampton, Hampshire 2017-Still Brewing)
Flack Manor Brewery Ltd
(Romsey, Hampshire 2010-Still Brewing)
Ten Tun Brewhouse Ltd Brewpub
(Alton, Hampshire 2023-Still Brewing)
Flower Pots Brewery Brewpub
(Cheriton, Hampshire 2006-Still Brewing)
Triple fff Brewing Company Taproom
(Four Marks, Hampshire 1997-Still Brewing)
Gilbert White's Brewery Taproom
(Selborne, Hampshire 2021-Still Brewing)
Unity Brewing Co Taproom
(Southampton, Hampshire 2016-Still Brewing)
Goddard's Brewery Ltd Photo
(Ryde, Isle of Wight 1993-Still Brewing)
Urban Island Brewing Co Limited Taproom
(Portsmouth, Hampshire 2015-Still Brewing)
Growling Gibbon Brew Co
(Hursley, Hampshire 2022-Still Brewing)
Vibrant Forest Brewery Taproom
(Hardley, Hampshire 2011-Still Brewing)
Island Brewery
(Shalfleet, Isle of Wight 2010-Still Brewing)
Wight Knuckle Brewery Ltd Brewpub
(Bembridge, Isle of Wight 2021-Still Brewing)
Little Brewery
(Andover, Hampshire 2019-Still Brewing)
Yates' Brewery
(Newchurch, Isle of Wight 2000-Still Brewing)
Little London Brewery Limited
(Little London, Hampshire 2015-Still Brewing)

Breweries whose names are used on beer no longer in production

Beckett's Brewery Ltd Closed
(Basingstoke, Hampshire 1997-2003)
Island Brewery Closed
(Newport, Isle of Wight 1991-1996)
Belchers Brewery (Southampton) Closed Brewpub
(Southampton, Hampshire 1990-1999)
Itchen Valley Brewery Ltd Closed
(Alresford, Hampshire 1997-2021)
Betteridge's Brewing Company Closed
(Hurstbourne Tarrant, Hampshire 2014-2019)
Mash Brewery Ltd Closed
(East Stratton, Hampshire 2013-2018)
Broken Bridge Brewing Ltd Closed
(Swanmore, Hampshire 2016-2019)
Newale Brewing Company Ltd Closed
(Andover, Hampshire 1993-1997)
Winchester Arms and Buckland Brewery Closed Brewpub
(Portsmouth, Hampshire 1999-2000)
Oakleaf Brewing Company Limited Closed Photo
(Gosport, Hampshire 2000-2016)
Burts & Co. Closed Photo
(Ventnor, Isle of Wight 1840-1992)
Clarence Tavern and Old Chapel Brewery Closed Brewpub Photo
(Gosport, Hampshire 1999-2000)
Burts (Sandown Brewery) Ltd Closed
(Sandown, Isle of Wight 1996-1998)
Packhorse Brewing Co Ltd Closed
(Southsea, Hampshire 1998-2002)
Burts Newport Brewery Closed
(Newport, Isle of Wight 1991-1996)
Penton Park Brewery Closed Taproom
(Penton Mewsey, Hampshire 2018-2021)
The Cheriton Brewhouse Closed Brewpub
(Cheriton, Hampshire 1993-2006)
Portchester Brewery Closed Photo
(Fareham, Hampshire 2001-2005)
The Cook Brewery Company Closed
(Bockhampton, Hampshire 1998-1995)
Rusty Prop Brewing Company Ltd Closed
(Romsey, Hampshire 2014-2015)
The Crondall Brewing Co Ltd Closed
(Crondall, Hampshire 2005-2012)
The Scarecrow Brewery Ltd Closed Photo
(Arreton, Isle of Wight 2002-2004)
Dancing Cows Ltd Closed
(Pennington, Hampshire 2015-2020)
Soldiers Return Closed Brewpub
(Basingstoke, Hampshire 2007-2007)
East Stratton Brewery Closed Brewpub
(East Stratton, Hampshire 2014-2015)
Spikes Brewery Closed Brewpub
(Southsea, Hampshire 1994-1998)
The Emsworth Brewery Closed
(Emsworth, Hampshire 2011-2020)
Stratton Lane Brewery Closed Taproom
(East Stratton, Hampshire 2019-2022)
The Emsworth Brewhouse Closed Taproom
(Havant, Hampshire 2015-2022)
Strong & Co Ltd Closed
(Romsey, Hampshire 1778-1980)
Fallen Acorn Brewing Co Closed Taproom
(Gosport, Hampshire 2016-2023)
Stumpy's Brewery Closed
(Upper Swanmore, Hampshire 2004-2008)
Fulflood Arms Brewery Closed Brewpub Photo
(Winchester, Hampshire 2012-2015)
Test Brewing Ltd Closed Brewpub
(Broughton, Hampshire 2018-2020)
Fuzz & Firkin Closed Brewpub
(Southsea, Hampshire 1996-1999)
The Upham Brewery llp Closed
(Upham, Hampshire 2009-2019)
Hampshire Brewery Ltd Closed
(Romsey, Hampshire 1992-2008)
Ventnor Brewery Ltd Closed Photo
(Ventnor, Isle of Wight 1996-2009)
The Havant Brewery Closed
(Havant, Hampshire 2009-2016)
White Star Brewery Ltd Closed
(Waltham Chase, Hampshire 2003-2007)
Hedgehog & Hogshead (Southampton) Closed Brewpub Alternative Name
(Southampton, Hampshire 1990-1999)
The Winchester Brewery Limited Closed
(Southampton, Hampshire 2005-2007)
Hensting Brewery Closed Photo
(Owslebury, Hampshire 2009-2017)
Winfields Brewery Closed Brewpub
(Portsmouth, Hampshire 1995-1997)
Hop Art Limited Closed
(Blacknest, Hampshire 2015-2017)
Worldham Brewery Closed
(East Worldham, Hampshire 1991-1999)
Irving & Co Brewers Ltd Closed
(Portsmouth, Hampshire 2007-2023)


Other categories of "brewery" include, amongst others, brewers whose status is uncertain and probably not brewing, closed breweries whose brands are produced elsewhere, brewery groups non-brewing headquarters, contract, cuckoo and gypsy brewers, who are free to move premisses, are not allocated to a county.

Last Updated : 20th November 2023