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Breweries In The Historic County of Hertfordshire

We list 55 breweries in the Historic County of Hertfordshire. Of these, 19 are open breweries, 36 are closed breweries (see footnote).

Breweries in production

3 Brewers of St Albans
(Hatfield, Hertfordshire 2013-Still Brewing)

Baron Brewing Taproom Small Format
(Great Hormead, Hertfordshire 2021-Still Brewing)

The Belgian Brewer Taproom
(Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire 2019-Still Brewing)

Bowtie Brewers
(Watford, Hertfordshire 2019-Still Brewing)

Buntingford Brewery Limited Photo
(Royston, Hertfordshire 2001-Still Brewing)

Creative Juices Brewing Company Ltd Taproom
(Maple Cross, Hertfordshire 2019-Still Brewing)

Crossover Blendery Limited Taproom Small Format
(Weston, Hertfordshire 2020-Still Brewing)

Farr Brew Taproom
(Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire 2014-Still Brewing)

Garden City Brewery Brewpub
(Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire 2016-Still Brewing)

Hardline Brewery
(Watford, Hertfordshire 2023-Still Brewing)

Lock 81 Beer
(Watford, Hertfordshire 2019-Still Brewing)

Mad Squirrel Taproom
(Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire 2004-Still Brewing)

McMullen & Sons Ltd
(Hertford, Hertfordshire 1827-Still Brewing)

New River Brewery Ltd
(Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire 2015-Still Brewing)

Oxhey Village Brewery
(Watford, Hertfordshire 2018-Still Brewing)

Pope's Yard Brewery Ltd
(Watford, Hertfordshire 2012-Still Brewing)

Six Hills Brewing Taproom
(Stevenage, Hertfordshire 2017-Still Brewing)

The Tring Brewery Company Ltd
(Tring, Hertfordshire 1992-Still Brewing)

The Two Bob Brewing Company Ltd
(Welwyn, Hertfordshire 2021-Still Brewing)

Breweries whose names are used on beer no longer in production

Alehouse Pub & Brewing Co Ltd Closed Brewpub Photo
(St. Albans, Hertfordshire 2006-2010)
The Garden Barber Brewery Closed
(Hertford, Hertfordshire 2001-2004)
Alford Arms Brewhouse Closed Brewpub
(Frithsden, Hertfordshire 1981-1995)
Green Tye Brewery Closed
(Green Tye, Hertfordshire 1999-2013)
Ash Valley Brewery Closed Brewpub
(Green Tye, Hertfordshire 2014-2018)
Hadham Brewery Closed Taproom
(Little Hadham, Hertfordshire 2015-2023)
Banfield Ales Closed
(Buntingford, Hertfordshire 2000-2004)
Haresfoot Craft Beer Closed
(Chesham, Hertfordshire 2014-2020)
Barley Brewery Closed Brewpub
(Barley, Hertfordshire 1982-1997)
Harpenden Brewery Closed Brewpub
(Harpenden, Hertfordshire 1994-1997)
Barnet Brewery Closed Brewpub
(Barnet, Greater London 2013-2021)
Mix Brewery Closed
(Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire 2013-2019)
Benskin's Watford Brewery Ltd Closed
(Watford, Hertfordshire 1720-1972)
The Old Cross Tavern Brewery Closed Brewpub Photo
(Hertford, Hertfordshire 2008-2019)
Berkhamstead Brewery Closed
(Bourne End, Hertfordshire 1984-1990)
Original Brewing Company (Stevenage) Closed Brewpub
(Stevenage, Hertfordshire 1996-2000)
Bishop's Stortford Brewery Ltd Closed
(Green Tye, Hertfordshire 2014-2019)
Original Brewing Company (Watford) Closed Brewpub
(Watford, Hertfordshire 1996-2000)
Bog Brew Beers Limited Taproom Dead Brand
(Stevenage, Hertfordshire 2017-Still Brewing)
Paradigm Brewery Ltd Closed
(Sarratt, Hertfordshire 2015-2023)
Bubble Works Brew Co Closed
(Hitchin, Hertfordshire 2018-2021)
Philanthropist & Firkin Closed Brewpub
(St Albans, Hertfordshire 1994-1999)
Crafty Hare Closed
(Chesham, Hertfordshire 2014-2020)
Red Squirrel Brewery Ltd Taproom Dead Brand
(Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire 2004-Still Brewing)
Dark Horse Brewing Co. (Hertford) Ltd Closed
(Hertford, Hertfordshire 1996-2002)
Sawbridgeworth Brewery Closed Brewpub Photo
(Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire 2000-2019)
The Fishery Inn Brewery Co Closed Brewpub
(Elstree, Hertfordshire 1994-1995)
Summershed Brewery Closed
(Wigginton, Hertfordshire 2019-2020)
Flag & Firkin Closed Brewpub
(Watford, Hertfordshire 1997-1999)
Tilbury Ales Closed
(Hertford, Hertfordshire 1996-2002)
Fledgling & Firkin Closed Brewpub
(Hertford, Hertfordshire 1997-1999)
Verulam Brewery Closed Brewpub Photo
(St Albans, Hertfordshire 1997-2015)
Foragers Brewery Closed Brewpub
(St Albans, Hertfordshire 2015-2019)
White Hart Tap Closed Brewpub
(St.Albans, Hertfordshire 2015-2019)
Fox and Hounds (Barley) Closed Brewpub
(Barley, Hertfordshire 1982-1997)
Woodlands Brewery Closed
(Buntingford, Hertfordshire 2001-2002)


Other categories of "brewery" include, amongst others, brewers whose status is uncertain and probably not brewing, closed breweries whose brands are produced elsewhere, brewery groups non-brewing headquarters, contract, cuckoo and gypsy brewers, who are free to move premisses, are not allocated to a county.

Last Updated : 15th May 2024