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Breweries In The Historic County of Sussex

We list 116 breweries in the Historic County of Sussex. Of these, 68 are open breweries, 48 are closed breweries and 0 are otherwise categorised (see footnote).

Breweries in production

The 1648 Brewing Co Ltd Photo
(East Hoathly, East Sussex 2003-Still Brewing)
Hand Brew Co Ltd Brewpub
(Brighton, East Sussex 2016-Still Brewing)
360 Degree Brewing Company
(Sheffield Park, East Sussex 2013-Still Brewing)
Harvey & Son (Lewes) Ltd Photo
(Lewes, East Sussex 1790-Still Brewing)
81 Artisan
(Lavant, West Sussex 2017-Still Brewing)
Heathen Brewers Partnership
(Haywards Heath, West Sussex 2014-Still Brewing)
Abyss Brewing Ltd Updated Tap Room
(Lewes, East Sussex 2017-Still Brewing)
Hepworth & Company Brewers Ltd
(North Heath, West Sussex 2001-Still Brewing)
Adur Brewery Photo
(Steyning, West Sussex 2008-Still Brewing)
High Weald Brewery Updated
(Forest Row, East Sussex 2013-Still Brewing)
Arundel Brewery Ltd
(Ford, West Sussex 1992-Still Brewing)
The Horsham Brewery Company Ltd 2021 Updated Tap Room
(Horsham, West Sussex 2021-Still Brewing)
(Brighton, East Sussex 2019-Still Brewing)
Hurst Brewery
(Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex 2012-Still Brewing)
Battle Brewery
(Battle, East Sussex 2017-Still Brewing)
The Kiln Brewery
(West Hoathly, West Sussex 2014-Still Brewing)
The Beak Brewery Limited Tap Room
(Lewes, East Sussex 2020-Still Brewing)
Kissingate Brewery Tap Room
(Lower Beeding, West Sussex 2010-Still Brewing)
Bedlam Brewery Ltd
(Plumpton Green, East Sussex 2012-Still Brewing)
Laines Brew Hub
(North Heath, West Sussex 2019-Still Brewing)
Beer Me Brewery Brewpub
(Eastbourne, East Sussex 2014-Still Brewing)
Lakedown Brewing Co 2021 New Tap Room
(Broad Oak, East Sussex 2021-Still Brewing)
Bestens Brewery Ltd Tap Room
(Plummers Plain, West Sussex 2017-Still Brewing)
The Langham Brewery llp
(Lodsworth, West Sussex 2006-Still Brewing)
Brew Studio
(Sompting, West Sussex 2017-Still Brewing)
Larrikin Beer Brewpub
(Hove, East Sussex 2018-Still Brewing)
Brewhouse & Kitchen (Horsham) Brewpub
(Horsham, West Sussex 2018-Still Brewing)
Lister's Brewery Limited
(Patching, West Sussex 2012-Still Brewing)
Brewhouse & Kitchen (Worthing) 2021 Updated Brewpub
(Worthing, West Sussex 2021-Still Brewing)
The Long Man Brewery
(Litlington, East Sussex 2012-Still Brewing)
Brewing Brothers Ltd Brewpub
(Hastings, East Sussex 2016-Still Brewing)
Loud Shirt Brewing Co
(Brighton, East Sussex 2016-Still Brewing)
Brighton Bier Brewery Tap Room
(Brighton, East Sussex 2015-Still Brewing)
Missing Link Brewing Ltd Tap Room
(West Hoathly, West Sussex 2017-Still Brewing)
Brolly Brewing Tap Room
(Wisborough Green, West Sussex 2017-Still Brewing)
North Laine Brewhouse Brewpub Photo
(Brighton, East Sussex 2012-Still Brewing)
Burning Sky Brewery Ltd
(Firle, East Sussex 2013-Still Brewing)
The Old Prentonian Brewing Co Ltd Brewing Suspended
(Sompting, West Sussex 2016-Brewing Suspended)
Chapeau Brewing Co Tap Room
(Horsham, West Sussex 2017-Still Brewing)
Old Tree Brewery
(Brighton, East Sussex 2015-Still Brewing)
Dark Star Brewing Co. Ltd
(Partridge Green, West Sussex 1994-Still Brewing)
Pin-up Beers Ltd
(Southwick, West Sussex 2012-Still Brewing)
The Downlands Brewery
(Small Dole, West Sussex 2011-Still Brewing)
Polarity Brewing Ltd
(Worthing, West Sussex 2016-Still Brewing)
The Engineer Brewery
(High Hurstwood, East Sussex 2018-Still Brewing)
Rectory Ales Ltd Photo
(Streat, East Sussex 1996-Still Brewing)
The FILO Brewing Co Ltd
(Hastings, East Sussex 1985-Still Brewing)
Ridgeway Brewing
(North Heath, West Sussex 2004-Still Brewing)
Firebird Brewing Company Ltd Tap Room
(Rudgwick, West Sussex 2013-Still Brewing)
Riverside Brewing Ltd
(Upper Beeding, West Sussex 2015-Still Brewing)
First Inn, Last Out Alternative Name
(Hastings, East Sussex 1985-Still Brewing)
Rother Valley Brewing Company
(Northiam, East Sussex 1993-Still Brewing)
Franklin's Brewing Co Tap Room
(Ringmer, East Sussex 1980-Still Brewing)
Silver Rocket Brewing Ltd
(Hassocks, West Sussex 2018-Still Brewing)
Furnace Brook Brewery
(Trolliloes, East Sussex 2020-Still Brewing)
Three Acre Brewery Limited
(Blackboys, East Sussex 2019-Still Brewing)
Goldmark Craft Beers Ltd Tap Room
(Poling, West Sussex 2012-Still Brewing)
The Three Legs Brewing Co Tap Room
(Broad Oak, East Sussex 2015-Still Brewing)
Good Things Brewing Co Ltd
(Eridge Green, East Sussex 2018-Still Brewing)
The Top-Notch Brewing Company Ltd
(Haywards Heath, West Sussex 2013-Still Brewing)
Goodwood Brewery
(North Heath, West Sussex 2016-Still Brewing)
UnBarred Brewery Tap Room
(Brighton, East Sussex 2015-Still Brewing)
Greyhound Brewery Ltd
(West Chiltington, West Sussex 2015-Still Brewing)
The Vine Brewery Brewpub
(Tarring, West Sussex 2019-Still Brewing)
The Gribble Brewery Brewpub Photo
(Oving, West Sussex 1987-Still Brewing)
The Watchmakers Arms Brewery Brewpub
(Hove, East Sussex 2019-Still Brewing)
Gun Brewery Ltd
(Heathfield, East Sussex 2015-Still Brewing)
Weltons Brewery
(Horsham, West Sussex 1995-Still Brewing)

Breweries whose names are used on beer no longer in production

Alehouse & Kitchen Closed Brewpub
(Worthing, West Sussex 2015-2017)
Forge Brewery Limited Closed Brewpub Alternative Name Photo
(Pett, East Sussex 1998-2004)
Alexandra Brewery Closed Brewpub
(Portslade, East Sussex 1982-1986)
Full Moon Brewery Closed Photo
(Henley Down, East Sussex 2008-2014)
The Anchor Springs Brewery Company Ltd Closed Brewpub Alternative Name
(Littlehampton, West Sussex 2010-2017)
Goldstone Brewery Ltd Closed
(Ditchling, East Sussex 2013-2017)
Ashdown Ales Ltd Closed
(Withyham, East Sussex 2016-2017)
Hammerpot Brewery Ltd Closed
(Poling, West Sussex 2005-2019)
The Baldy Brewery Closed
(Pulborough, West Sussex 2012-2014)
Hastings Brewery Closed
(St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex 2010-2017)
Ballard's Brewery Ltd Closed Photo
(Nyewood, West Sussex 1980-2017)
Hedgehog & Hogshead (Hove) Closed Brewpub Alternative Name
(Hove, East Sussex 1990-2000)
Baseline Brewing Ltd Closed
(Small Dole, West Sussex 2012-2015)
Holler Brewery Ltd Closed
(Brighton, East Sussex 2017-2019)
Beachy Head Brewing Co Ltd Closed
(East Dean, East Sussex 2006-2017)
Isfield Brewing Company Closed
(Framfield, East Sussex 2012-2016)
Beard & Co. Ltd Closed
(Lewes, East Sussex 1740-1958)
King & Barnes Ltd Closed Photo
(Horsham, West Sussex 1850-2000)
Beercraft Brighton Closed
(Hove, East Sussex 2016-2018)
King Beer Closed Photo
(Horsham, West Sussex 2001-2016)
Belchers Brewery (Hove) Closed Brewpub
(Hove, East Sussex 1990-2000)
The Kitchen Garden Brewery Closed
(Sheffield Park, East Sussex 2011-2016)
Black Cat Brewery Closed
(Framfield, East Sussex 2011-2017)
Littlehampton Brewery Closed Brewpub
(Littlehampton, West Sussex 2010-2017)
Bosham Brewery Closed
(Bosham, West Sussex 1984-1987)
Naked Beer Co Closed
(Lancing, West Sussex 2013-2016)
Brewery on Sea Ltd Closed Alternative Name
(Lancing, West Sussex 1993-2002)
Old Forge Brewery Closed Brewpub Alternative Name Photo
(Pett, East Sussex 1995-1998)
Brick House Brewing Co Closed
(Brighton, East Sussex 2015-2017)
The Pells Brewing Co-op Closed Brewpub
(Lewes, East Sussex 2014-2018)
Crooked Brook Beer Co Ltd Closed
(Crawley, West Sussex 2014-2016)
Pett Brewery Company Closed Brewpub Photo
(Pett, East Sussex 1995-1998)
The Cuckmere Haven Brewery Closed Brewpub
(Exceat Bridge, East Sussex 1994-2003)
Rudgwick Brewery Limited Closed
(Rudgwick, West Sussex 2011-2012)
Custom Beers Limited Closed
(Haywards Heath, West Sussex 2005-2008)
Skinners Custom Beers Closed
(Brighton, East Sussex 2000-2001)
Edge Brewing Company Closed
(Bexhill, East Sussex 1995-2011)
The Southdowns Brewery Dead Brand
(Small Dole, West Sussex 2011-Still Brewing)
Ewhurst Ales Closed
(Ewhurst Green, East Sussex 2016-2017)
Spencers Brewery Closed
(Selsey, West Sussex 2018-2019)
Fallen Angel Brewery Closed
(East Hoathly, East Sussex 2004-2012)
Spinnaker Ales Ltd Closed
(Lancing, West Sussex 1993-2002)
Fathom & Firkin Closed Brewpub
(Worthing, West Sussex 1997-1999)
Sussex Brewery Limited Closed Brewpub Photo
(Pett, East Sussex 1998-2004)
Firecracker & Firkin Closed Brewpub
(Crawley, West Sussex 1997-1999)
Turners Brewery Closed
(Ringmer, East Sussex 2013-2015)
Font & Firkin Closed Brewpub Photo
(Brighton, East Sussex 1995-2003)
White Brewing Company Closed Alternative Name
(Bexhill, East Sussex 1995-2011)
brewers whose status is uncertain and probably not brewing, closed breweries whose brands are produced elsewhere and brewery groups non-brewing headquarters. Contract, cuckoo and gypsy brewers, who are free to move premisses, and not allocated to a county.


Other categories of "brewery" include, amongst others,

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