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Addition History For 2006

This page details the breweries have been added to this site during the year 2006. These are listed is reverse chronological order.

December 2006

27th DecemberAdded Bowman Ales Ltd and Fen Ales.
23rd DecemberAdded Geltsdale Brewery Ltd and The Sheffield Brewery Company Ltd.
12th DecemberAdded Wagtail Brewery.

November 2006

27th NovemberAdded Small Paul's Brewery and Three Peaks Brewery.
22nd NovemberAdded Coastal Brewery.
21st NovemberAdded Beeston Brewery Ltd.
3rd NovemberAdded Beachy Head Brewing Co Ltd and Cheddar Ales.

October 2006

24th OctoberAdded Black Mountain Brewery Ltd and Glenfinnan Brewery Co Ltd.
16th OctoberAdded Brimstage Brewing Co Ltd and Farnham Brewery.

September 2006

23rd SeptemberAdded St Jude's Brewery.
18th SeptemberAdded Dobbins And Jackson Newport Brewing Company Limited.
16th SeptemberAdded Ffos y Ffin Brewery Ltd.
15th SeptemberAdded Flower Pots Brewery (BrewPub).
5th SeptemberAdded Amber Ales Ltd.

August 2006

21st AugustAdded Grain Brewery and Three Castles Brewery Ltd.
17th AugustAdded Masters Brewery.
16th AugustAdded Dunkery Ales Ltd.
14th AugustAdded Bricktop Brewery.
9th AugustAdded AllGates Brewery Ltd and Wigan Brewhouse Ltd.
4th AugustAdded Red Rock Brewery Ltd.

July 2006

31st JulyAdded Summer Wine Brewery Ltd.
8th JulyAdded The Bridestones Brewing Company Limited, Keystone Brewery and Windermere Brewing Company.
6th JulyAdded Appleford Brewery Company Ltd and Davenports Brewery Ltd.
5th JulyAdded Magpie Brewery.

June 2006

26th JuneAdded Consett Ale Works Ltd.
16th JuneAdded Brentwood Brewing Company Ltd and Rosebridge Brewery.
12th JuneAdded Cumbrian Ales.
11th JuneAdded Globe Brewery.
8th JuneAdded The Ludlow Brewing Co Ltd.

May 2006

25th MayAdded Camden Town Brewery, The Langham Brewery llp and The Stroud Brewery Ltd.
18th MayAdded The Jacobi Brewery of Caio, Saffron Brewery, Windie Goat Brewery and Yeovil Ales Ltd.
4th MayAdded Keswick Brewing Company.

April 2006

16th AprilAdded The Spire Brewing Co.
12th AprilAdded Alexandra Arms Brewery and The Flock Inn Brewery.
5th AprilAdded Stowey Brewery.

March 2006

13th MarchAdded Derventio Brewery Ltd, Saltaire Brewery Ltd, Webb's Brewery Limited and West Brewing Company Ltd.
10th MarchAdded Bottle Brook Brewery, Digfield Ales and Offa's Dyke Brewery.
7th MarchAdded Lion's Tale Brewery.
5th MarchAdded The Why Not Brewery.
3rd MarchAdded Alehouse Pub & Brewing Co Ltd.

February 2006

28th FebruaryAdded Allendale Brew Co Ltd.
21st FebruaryAdded The Atomic Brewery.
14th FebruaryAdded Keep Brewing Ltd.
13th FebruaryAdded Isca Ales Ltd and Kingstone Brewery Ltd.
7th FebruaryAdded Bull Box Brewery.

January 2006

31st JanuaryAdded Deeside Brewery & Distillery Limited.
20th JanuaryAdded Burford Brewery Ltd and Strathaven Ales.
16th JanuaryAdded Barefoot Brewery and Fuzzy Duck Brewery Ltd.

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Last Updated : 27th December 2006