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Addition History For 2021

This page details the breweries have been added to this site during the year 2021. These are listed is reverse chronological order.

December 2021

23rd DecemberAdded Bayonet Brewing and Hwgga Brew.
22nd DecemberAdded Otherworld Brewing Ltd.
17th DecemberAdded Tobeermory Ltd.
14th DecemberAdded Whyte Bär Brewing Company Ltd.
9th DecemberAdded Clinkstone Brewing Company Limited.
8th DecemberAdded North Pier Brew Co, Tartan Shark Brewing Ltd and Wardhill Brewing Co.
7th DecemberAdded Azvex Brewing Company, Bishop Auckland Brewing Company Ltd, Epochal Barrel Fermented Ales, Holy Goat Brewing Ltd and The Turk's Head.
3rd DecemberAdded Another Beer Ltd.
2nd DecemberAdded Arran Botanical Drinks, The Balcombe Brewery Limited, Busters Brewery and Little Monster Brewing Co Ltd.

November 2021

30th NovemberAdded Bungo Brew Co Limited, Jura Brewery Limited, Lacuna Brewing Ltd and Pipeline Brewing Co.
29th NovemberAdded Benchmark Brewery and Hairy Dog Brewery.
18th NovemberAdded Little Martha Brewing Ltd.
9th NovemberAdded Datum Attitude Brewing Co and Walkie Talkie Brewing Co Ltd.

October 2021

26th OctoberAdded Only With Love.
25th OctoberAdded Lakedown Brewing Co.
21st OctoberAdded Coast Ales.
11th OctoberAdded 12 Steps Brewery Ltd and New Street Brewing.
8th OctoberAdded Hatherland Brewery.
7th OctoberAdded Brewpoint.

September 2021

30th SeptemberAdded Bridge Beers Brewery.
29th SeptemberAdded Alpha Delta Brewing and Lynn Brewery.
27th SeptemberAdded Unbound Brew Co.
23rd SeptemberAdded Borderlands Brewery, Hush Brewing Co Ltd and Small Batch Brewing Co Ltd.
21st SeptemberAdded Braemar Brewing Co Ltd, Chadkirk Brew Co Limited and The King Ælle Brew Co.
20th SeptemberAdded Dargavel Brewery Limited.

July 2021

30th JulyAdded Little Mesters Brewing.
29th JulyAdded Brewing Unplugged, Flying Gang Brewing, SaltRock Brewing Company Ltd and Ventile Brew Co.
28th JulyAdded Lakes Brew Co.
26th JulyAdded Keller Brewing and Tartarus Beers.
16th JulyAdded Woodstock Brewery.
15th JulyAdded Amity Brew Co Ltd and Infinity Brewing Company Ltd.
13th JulyAdded The Outhouse Brewery.
12th JulyAdded Weird Dad Brewery.
9th JulyAdded The Folly Brewery.
8th JulyAdded Gan Yam Brew Co, Moonwake Beer Co and State of Kind Brew Co.
6th JulyAdded Flowerhorn Brewery Ltd and Ugly Lovely Brewing Company Ltd.
5th JulyAdded Thornsett Brewery and Hop Yard.
2nd JulyAdded Hatchford Small Brewing Co.
1st JulyAdded Wight Knuckle Brewery Ltd.

June 2021

28th JuneAdded The Kibble Brewery.
26th JuneAdded Beech Avenue Brewery Ltd.
25th JuneAdded 3P's Brewery.
24th JuneAdded Trinity Brew Co.
22nd JuneAdded Boozy Bob's Brewery, Good Name Brewing Ltd, Little Big Dog Brewing Ltd and Morgan Brew Masters.
16th JuneAdded Black Swan Brewery, Bridbrewer and The Horsham Brewery Company Ltd.
14th JuneAdded Bowler's Brewery Limited and The Outpost.
9th JuneAdded Biochemist Brewery and The Old Felixstowe Brewing Company.
8th JuneAdded Motley Hog Brewery Limited.
7th JuneAdded Bendigo Ales, Frank's Head Brewery, Headstock Brewery, Lazy Bay Brewery Ltd, Liquid Light Brewing Company, Lord Randall's Brewery Ltd and Rufford Abbey Brewery Ltd.

May 2021

29th MayAdded Brewhouse & Kitchen (Worthing) and Sommar Brew Ltd.
27th MayAdded Bell's Brewing, Brew61 and Copper Beech Brewing Company Ltd.
25th MayAdded Asahi UK Ltd, Devilstone Brewing Co and Twisted Ankle Brewing Co.

April 2021

19th AprilAdded Cottage Beer Project Limited and Newbarns Brewery Limited.
15th AprilAdded Ingol Village Brewing Company Ltd.
13th AprilAdded Dookit Brewing Co and Futtle Organic Beer.
12th AprilAdded De Vossen Brewery and Stow Fen Brewing Co Ltd.
5th AprilAdded Artefact Brewing Ltd, Ben's Brewery Ltd and Drinkstone Ales.

March 2021

18th MarchAdded Bucklebury Brewers Ltd.
8th MarchAdded The Devil's Pleasure.
7th MarchAdded Kickabo Brewery Limited.
6th MarchAdded Brown Street Brewing Company.
4th MarchAdded The Clovelly Brewing Company, Gilt & Flint, Newtown Park Brewing Company Limited and Spilsbury & Jones Brewing Company.
1st MarchAdded Little Big Brew Co Ltd.

February 2021

27th FebruaryAdded Pinkers Craft Brewery.
25th FebruaryAdded Nat 20 Brew and Verse Brewing.
22nd FebruaryAdded Burner Bash Brewing and Crumbs Brewing.
18th FebruaryAdded By The Mile Brewery, Constellation Brewery Ltd, Floc Brewing Ltd, Outlandish Brewing Company, Shivering Sands Brewery Ltd and Tumanny Albion Brewing Company Ltd.
16th FebruaryAdded Ardgour Ales Ltd, Boden Brewery and The Hildenborough Brewery Ltd.
15th FebruaryAdded Armargh Brewing Co, Bloodline Brewing NI Ltd, Kaneens Brewery Limited and Radical Brewing.

January 2021

26th JanuaryAdded Cannabrew Ltd.
25th JanuaryAdded Peregine Brewing Ltd and West Coast Brewery Limited.
18th JanuaryAdded Bicester Brewery and Heavy Water Brewing.
12th JanuaryAdded Dolphin Brewery, Heineken UK (Berkshire), Swamp Bog Brewery, Uprising Craft Brewery and Wickham Ales.
5th JanuaryAdded Crafty Cats Brewing Limited, Delphic Brewing Company Ltd and Phantom Brewing Co Limited.

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Last Updated : 23rd December 2021