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Addition History For 2021

This page details the breweries have been added to this site during the year 2021. These are listed is reverse chronological order.

April 2021

19th AprilAdded Cottage Beer Project Limited and Newbarns Brewery.
15th AprilAdded Ingol Village Brewing Company Ltd.
13th AprilAdded Dookit Brewing Co and Futtle Organic Beer.
12th AprilAdded De Vossen Brewery and Stow Fen Brewing Co Ltd.
5th AprilAdded Artefact Brewing Ltd, Ben's Brewery Ltd and Drinkstone Ales.

March 2021

18th MarchAdded Bucklebury Brewers Ltd.
8th MarchAdded The Devil's Pleasure.
7th MarchAdded Kickabo Brewery Limited.
6th MarchAdded Brown Street Brewing Company.
4th MarchAdded The Clovelly Brewing Company, Gilt & Flint, Newtown Park Brewing Company Limited and Spilsbury & Jones Brewing Company.
1st MarchAdded Little Big Brew Co Ltd.

February 2021

27th FebruaryAdded Pinkers Craft Brewery.
25th FebruaryAdded Nat 20 Brew and Verse Brewing.
22nd FebruaryAdded Burner Bash Brewing and Crumbs Brewing.
18th FebruaryAdded By The Mile Brewery, Constellation Brewery, Floc Brewing Ltd, Outlandish Brewing Company, Shivering Sands Brewery Ltd and Tumanny Albion Brewing Company Ltd.
16th FebruaryAdded Ardgour Ales Ltd, Boden Brewery and The Hildenborough Brewery Ltd.
15th FebruaryAdded Armargh Brewing Co, Bloodline Brewing NI Ltd, Kaneen's Brewery and Radical Brewing.

January 2021

26th JanuaryAdded Cannabrew Ltd.
25th JanuaryAdded Peregine Brewing Ltd and West Coast Brewery Limited.
18th JanuaryAdded Bicester Brewery and Heavy Water Brewing.
12th JanuaryAdded Dolphin Brewery, Heineken UK (Berkshire), Swamp Bog Brewery, Uprising Craft Brewery and Wickham Ales.
5th JanuaryAdded Crafty Cats Brewing Limited, Delphic Brewing Company Ltd and Phantom Brewing Co Limited.

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Last Updated : 19th April 2021