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Addition History For 2009

This page details the breweries have been added to this site during the year 2009. These are listed is reverse chronological order.

December 2009

5th DecemberAdded Hellhound Brewing Ltd and Winster Valley Brewery.
3rd DecemberAdded Bird Brain Brewery Ltd.

November 2009

26th NovemberAdded The Peerless Brewing Company Ltd and Tractor Shed Brewing Limited.
19th NovemberAdded Ha'penny Brewing Company.
12th NovemberAdded Angus Ales, Murf's Ales, Thame Brewery and The Untapped Brewing Company.
11th NovemberAdded Draycott Brewery, Oxford Brewery and The Patriot Brewery Ltd.
4th NovemberAdded Gidley's Brewery Ltd.

October 2009

26th OctoberAdded Gertie Sweet Brewery and Toft Brewing Company.
22nd OctoberAdded Ayr Brewing Company Limited and Steel City Brewing Limited.
10th OctoberAdded Topsham Ales.
9th OctoberAdded Dunscar Brewery.
1st OctoberAdded Compass Brewery.

September 2009

26th SeptemberAdded Isle of Avalon Brewery, The Kernel Brewery, Thornecombe Brewery, Two Bridges Brewery and Wantsum Brewery Ltd.
13th SeptemberAdded Baskervilles Brewing Company and Shenstone Brewing Company Limited.
3rd SeptemberAdded Clun Brewery.
2nd SeptemberAdded Liverpool Organic Brewery Ltd.

August 2009

31st AugustAdded Moodley's Microbrewery and The Nook Brewhouse.
27th AugustAdded Birds Brewery and Loch Leven Brewery.
20th AugustAdded Castor Ales and Toby Jug East Brewery.
6th AugustAdded The Brewery Tap Brewhouse, Roseland Brewery Ltd and Trinity Ales.

July 2009

7th JulyAdded Buxton Brewery Company Ltd.
4th JulyAdded Muirhouse Brewery.
2nd JulyAdded Oban Bay Brewery.

June 2009

28th JuneAdded Urban Brewery.
18th JuneAdded Gwaun Valley Brewery and Preseli Brewery.
2nd JuneAdded Thorne Brewery (Yorkshire) Ltd.

May 2009

22nd MayAdded The Stables Brewing Company.
16th MayAdded The Ilkley Brewery Company Ltd and The Waen Brewery.
11th MayAdded The Havant Brewery and Tintagel Brewery Ltd.

April 2009

27th AprilAdded Braydon Ales Limited and Prescott Ales.

March 2009

30th MarchAdded Golden Valley Ales.
9th MarchAdded The Hope Valley Brewing Company Ltd.

February 2009

26th FebruaryAdded Great Corby Brewhouse.
17th FebruaryAdded Julian Church Brewing Company.
14th FebruaryAdded Kirkby Lonsdale Brewery Limited.
12th FebruaryAdded Ole Slew Foot Brewing Company Ltd.
6th FebruaryAdded Moorview Brewery.
5th FebruaryAdded The Cliff Quay Brewery and Monty's Brewery Ltd.

January 2009

29th JanuaryAdded Kelda Brewing Company, McGrath's Brewing Limited, Phipps Northampton Brewery Company and Rowton Brewery Limited.
28th JanuaryAdded Buckle Street Brewery, Cathedral Ales, The Halfpenny Brewery, Hunter's Brewery Limited, Opa Hay's Brewery, Sambrook's Brewery Limited and The Wild Walker Brewing Company Ltd.

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Last Updated : 5th December 2009