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Addition History For 2018

This page details the breweries have been added to this site during the year 2018. These are listed is reverse chronological order.

November 2018

1st NovemberAdded Gritchie Brewing Company.

July 2018

21st JulyAdded Lithic Brewing Limited.
12th JulyAdded Beermats Brewing Co Ltd, Consortium Brewing Company, Eyam Brewery, Mount Saint Bernard Abbey Brewery and Powderkeg Brewery Ltd.
11th JulyAdded Barnaby's Brewhouse Ltd, Hal's Ales Limited, Ralph's Ruin Ltd, Severn Brewing Ltd and Tapestry Brewery Limited.
10th JulyAdded Baronscourt Brewing Company Limited, Beatnikz Republic Brewing Co, Origami Brewing Company Ltd and Westwood Brewery.
9th JulyAdded Donkeystone Brewing Co Ltd, Myrddins Ales and Wilderness Brewery.
7th JulyAdded Federation Brewery, Lady Luck Brewery (Whitby) Ltd and Öl Nano Brewery & Bar.
6th JulyAdded Clevedon Brewery, Devitera Ltd, Northern Monkey Brew Co Ltd, Pomona Island Brew Co Ltd, Remedy Bar & Brewhouse and Three Valleys Brewery.
4th JulyAdded 9 Lives Brewing, Anglesey Brewhouse, Arbier Brewing Company, Freetime Beer Co, Nomadic Brewing Company Ltd and Stu Brew.
3rd JulyAdded Bobage Brewing Company, Croft Ales, Crooked Brewing Limited, The Hanging Tree Brewery, Hedge Row Brewing Co, Heidrun Brewing Co, Lydbrook Valley Brewing Company and Sprey Point Brewery.
2nd JulyAdded Arcadian Brewing Company Ltd, BeerRiff Brewing Company, Cosmic Brewing Company Limited, Dun Brewing, Fierce & Noble, Kingdom Brewery Limited, The Little Giant Brewery Bristol Ltd and Tinworks Brewing Company Ltd.
1st JulyAdded Beer Story Brewery, Big Fish Brewing Company Limited, Coul Brewing Company Ltd, Ovenstone 109 Ltd and Reids Gold Brewing Company Limited.

June 2018

30th JuneAdded The Artisan Brew Co, Bang-On Brewery Limited, The Ferry Brewery Co and Twice Brewed Brew House.
29th JuneAdded Bont Brew Ltd, Brewsaurus, Lines Brew Co, Rival Brewing Co, Roath Brewery Ltd and The Velvet Owl Brewing Company Limited.
28th JuneAdded Brewhouse & Kitchen (Hoxton).
27th JuneAdded Brew Monster Beer Co, Brewhouse & Kitchen (Cardiff), Brewhouse & Kitchen (Milton Keynes), Brotherhood Brewery Ltd, Dead Parrot Beer Company Ltd, Twin Taff Brewery, Victoria Inn Brewhouse and Well Drawn Brewing Company Limited.
19th JuneAdded Butchers Dog Microbrewery, Cooper Hill Brewery Ltd, Golden Owl Brewery and Three Sisters Brewing Company.
18th JuneAdded Glen Spean Brewing Co, Nessie Brew and St Oswalds Brewery.
17th JuneAdded Whippet Brewing Co.
15th JuneAdded The Bay Brewery, Emmanuales and The Regather Brewery.
13th JuneAdded Black Storm Brewery, Briggs Signature Ales, Glasgow Beer Works Limited, Late Night Hype Brewing Co, Mad Scientist Brewery, Overkill Microbrewery and Wasted Degrees Brewing.
12th JuneAdded Anthology Brewing Company, Bishop's Brewery, Cobbydale Brewery, Grumpy's Ales Limited and Legitimate Industries Limited.
11th JuneAdded Autumn Brewing Company Limited, Great North Eastern Brewing Co Ltd, Isaac Poad Brewing Ltd and Vision Brewing Co Ltd.
10th JuneAdded Barnard Castle Brewing Company, Breworks, Crafty Monkey Brewing Co Limited, Donzoko Brewing Company Ltd and Horsforth Brewery Ltd.
9th JuneAdded Aire Heads Brewery, Beer Monkey Brew Co Ltd, Don Valley Brewery Limited, Loxley Brewery, The Meanwood Brewery Ltd, Mitchell's Hop House Brewing and Yorkshire Brewhouse Limited.
8th JuneAdded Crosspool Ale Makers Society, The Old Vault Brewing Company Limited, Spotlight Brewing Ltd, Twisted Angel Brewing Ltd and Wilde Child Brewing Co Limited.
7th JuneAdded Aitcheson's East Yorkshire Beer, Brindle Distillery, Chain House Brewing Company Limited, Outgang Brewery Ltd and Penistone Brewers.
6th JuneAdded Corless Brewing Co, Grasmere Brewery, Partridge Brewery and West Coast Rock Brewing Company.

May 2018

23rd MayAdded CatHead Brewery, Taylor Illingworth Brewing Company, Turning Point Brewing Company Limited and Wetherby Brew Co Limited.

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Last Updated : 1st November 2018