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Addition History For 2002

This page details the breweries have been added to this site during the year 2002. These are listed is reverse chronological order.

December 2002

21st DecemberAdded Whittingtons Brewery.
14th DecemberAdded Breconshire Brewery Ltd.
9th DecemberAdded Uncle Stuarts Brewery.
5th DecemberAdded Staffordshire Brewery Ltd.
2nd DecemberAdded Maldon Brewing Company Ltd.

November 2002

26th NovemberAdded Ramsbottom Brewery.
24th NovemberAdded Greenfield Real Ale Brewery Ltd.
18th NovemberAdded Waltham St. Lawrence Brewing Co.
11th NovemberAdded Red Rose Brewery.

October 2002

18th OctoberAdded Blindmans Brewery Ltd.
5th OctoberAdded Breadalbane Brewery.

September 2002

30th SeptemberAdded Jarrow Brewing Company, Newport Ales and Old Stables Brewing Company.

August 2002

25th AugustAdded Bazens' Brewery and Purple Moose Brewery Ltd (Bragdy Mŵs Piws).
12th AugustAdded Hill Island Brewery.
5th AugustAdded Blackdown Brewery Ltd.

July 2002

28th JulyAdded Hawkshead Brewery.
26th JulyAdded Khean Brewery Co Ltd.
21st JulyAdded Abbey Bells Brewery.

June 2002

30th JuneAdded Spectrum Brewery.

May 2002

31st MayAdded Newtonmore & Kingussie Brewery.
29th MayAdded Fox Brewery.
28th MayAdded Oxford Brewery Ltd.
23rd MayAdded Elland Brewery Limited.

April 2002

24th AprilAdded Townhouse Brewery.
22nd AprilAdded Glastonbury Brewing Co, Kelburn Brewing Company Ltd and Kelly's Eye Brewery.
21st AprilAdded Dow Bridge Brewery.
19th AprilAdded Shaw's Brewery.
10th AprilAdded Bob's Brewing Co Ltd.
5th AprilAdded Holme Valley Ales.
2nd AprilAdded The Dartford Wobbler Brewery.

March 2002

26th MarchAdded Grand Union Brewery Ltd.
16th MarchAdded Ramsgate Brewery Limited.

February 2002

25th FebruaryAdded Bury Street Brewery.
1st FebruaryAdded Baltic Fleet Brewery, Fyne Ales and Hebridean Brewing Company.

January 2002

22nd JanuaryAdded Goodmanham Brewery and Molson Coors Brewing Company (UK) Limited.

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Last Updated : 21st December 2002