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Addition History For 2023

This page details the breweries have been added to this site during the year 2023. These are listed is reverse chronological order.

November 2023

20th NovemberAdded Fownd Brewing Company, Saint Monday Brewery and Ten Tun Brewhouse Ltd.
13th NovemberAdded Bundobust Brewery.

October 2023

23rd OctoberAdded Aleworks Brewing Company Limited.
20th OctoberAdded Aerocraft Brewery, Little Brewery, Maverick Brewing Company Limited and Tangled Web Brewing Company Limited.
19th OctoberAdded Neighbourhood Brewing Co and Ramsey Island Brewery Ltd.
11th OctoberAdded Brew By Numbers (Morden Wharf).
4th OctoberAdded Trig Brewery Ltd.

September 2023

14th SeptemberAdded Somer Valley Brewing.
13th SeptemberAdded Ewe Brew, Old Goat Brewery and Rye Waterworks Brewery & Taproom.
12th SeptemberAdded Panic Brew Limited and Whitworth Valley Brewimg Limited.
7th SeptemberAdded Wharf Brewery.

August 2023

30th AugustAdded Big Penny Brews.
28th AugustAdded The Harbour Brewing Company Ltd (Bodmin).
24th AugustAdded Brewhaha Brewery and Grain Alchemist Brewing Company Limited.
22nd AugustAdded Ticking Clock Brewing Company Limited.
18th AugustAdded Bourne and Bred Beer Ltd.
15th AugustAdded Wear Beer Ltd.
14th AugustAdded BRUBL Brewery, Crich Brew Co Limited and Patrons Tap.
8th AugustAdded Bragdy Tanat.
3rd AugustAdded Lune Brew Co Ltd.
2nd AugustAdded Indie Rabble Brewing Company.

July 2023

27th JulyAdded Hopworks Brew Co and Mah Hoos Brewing Ltd.
26th JulyAdded Brockley Brewing Company Limited (Hither Green) and Hideaway Brewing Co Ltd.
25th JulyAdded Lark Hill Brewery.
24th JulyAdded Cwrw Otley.
11th JulyAdded Core of the Poodle Ltd.
6th JulyAdded Grid Beer Project Limited.
5th JulyAdded Camden Town Beer Hall.
4th JulyAdded On The Level Brew Co.
3rd JulyAdded Babel Beerhouse and Big Dig Brewhouse.

June 2023

22nd JuneAdded Luda Brewing Co.
21st JuneAdded Beavertown Brewery Ltd (Enfield) and Beavertown Brewery Ltd (Tottenham Stadium).
20th JuneAdded Secret Project Brewing.
14th JuneAdded SEB Brewing & Packaging and White Rabbit Beer Co.
13th JuneAdded Rascality Brewing.
9th JuneAdded Kerr's Farm Brewed Ales and Overbite Brewhouse Ltd.
7th JuneAdded Breakbeat Brewing Limited, Noa Brewhouse, Not That California Brewing Company Ltd and Uile-bheist Brewery.
1st JuneAdded Ormeau Brewing Co.

May 2023

9th MayAdded The Brew Forest Limited, Golden River Brewery and Rude Giant Brew Co.

April 2023

26th AprilAdded Crooked River Brewing Co Ltd.
20th AprilAdded Campbell Street Brewing Company.

March 2023

16th MarchAdded Two Matts Brewing Company Ltd.
14th MarchAdded St Ives Brewery Limited (Production Site).

February 2023

15th FebruaryAdded Aither Brewery Ltd.
7th FebruaryAdded Boscombe Brewing Company Limited.
6th FebruaryAdded Firkin Brewery and Virtue Brewing Ltd.
1st FebruaryAdded Tap Social Movement (Kennington).

January 2023

31st JanuaryAdded Red Dog Ales and Weekend Project Brewing Comapny Limited.
26th JanuaryAdded Barker Bridge Brewery and Stone Daisy Brewery.
25th JanuaryAdded Durty Brewing Ltd.
24th JanuaryAdded Wilsons of Warslow Brewing Company Limited.
23rd JanuaryAdded Talking Tides Brew Co Ltd.
18th JanuaryAdded Gigha Brewing.
16th JanuaryAdded Dead Weight Brewing Company Limited.
12th JanuaryAdded Another Dimension Brewing Co Ltd, High House Barn Brewery, Thirsty Moose Brewing Co and Wheatsheaf Brewery Ltd.
5th JanuaryAdded Fauna Brewing and Wingtip Brewing Company Limited.
4th JanuaryAdded Hand Brew Co Ltd (Production Site), The Little Beer Brewing Company, Little Monster Brewing Company, Temperance Street Brewery Ltd and Tewkesbury Brewing Company Ltd.

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Last Updated : 20th November 2023