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Addition History For 2017

This page details the breweries have been added to this site during the year 2017. These are listed is reverse chronological order.

December 2017

22nd DecemberAdded Breakwater Brewery Limited, Brumaison Ltd, By The Mile Brewey, Decent Brewery, Felday Brewery, Fuzzchat Brewery and No Frills Joe Brewing Company.

November 2017

23rd NovemberAdded Fable Brewery, Leigh on Sea Brewing Company Limited, Malt Coast Brewery, Star Wing Brewery Ltd, Watts & Co, White Hart Brewery and Wilde Bull Brewery.
22nd NovemberAdded Ash Valley Brewery, BrewBoard, Bull of the Woods Brewing Co, Bullard's Beers, Essex Brewery Company Limited, Fox Meadow Brewery, Keppels Brewery Limited, Old Friends Brewery Ltd, Other Monkey Brewing, Rocket Ales Limited, Watling Street Beer and Wells & Co.
1st NovemberAdded Blackpit Brewery Ltd, Cabin Brewery, Deben Peninsular Ales, Mr Bees Brewery Ltd and Stansfield Ales.

October 2017

31st OctoberAdded 3 Piers Brewery Limited, Burnt Mill Brewery Ltd and Little Earth Project llp.

September 2017

27th SeptemberAdded Coach & Horses Brewery, Loch Leven Brewery and New Religion Brewing.
21st SeptemberAdded Pitchfork Ales.
15th SeptemberAdded Lords Brewing Company Ltd and Newtown Brewery.
13th SeptemberAdded Watsons Brewery.

August 2017

8th AugustAdded The Brew Foundation, Castle Eden Brewery, The First & Last Brewery, Handyman Brewery, Providence Brewery and Westmorland Brewery.

July 2017

11th JulyAdded 4 Mice Brewery, Northern Whisper Brewing Company Limited, Recoil Brewing Company Ltd and Rock Solid Brewing Company Limited.
9th JulyAdded Avid Brewing Co Ltd, Boutilliers Ltd and Brewhouse & Kitchen (Nottingham).

June 2017

16th JuneAdded Mighty Medicine Brewing Co Ltd and Priest Town Brewing Ltd.
14th JuneAdded Birmingham Brewing Company Ltd, Burning Soul Brewery, Butchers Arms Brewery, Farm Yard Brew Co Ltd, FatBelly Brewery, Fine Tuned Brewery Ltd and Target Brewery Ltd.
8th JuneAdded Ampersand Brew Co, Cold Bath Brewing Co, Deya Brewing Company, Fish Key Brewing Company, Good Chemistry Brewing Ltd, Hairy Brewers Ales Ltd, Kettlesmith Brewing Company Limited and Treen's Brewery.
7th JuneAdded Aleyard Brewery, The Angel Microbrewery, Boudicca Brewing Co, The Cheeky Imp Brew Co, Foragers Brewery, Hadham Brewery and White Hart Tap.
6th JuneAdded 4Four Brewery, Anglesey Brewing Company, Axton Brewery, Beardface and Bines Brewery Limited, Eyes Brewing, Lost Industry Brewing Limited and Mill Valley Brewery (Northern) Ltd.
5th JuneAdded The Abernyte Brewery Limited, The Campervan Brewery, Castle Combe Brewery, Craft Originale, Market Harborough Brewery, Neon Raptor Brewing Co and Oast House Breweries Cyf.
4th JuneAdded Buccaneer Brewery Limited, McColl's Brewery Limited, Reynolds Brewery Ltd, Stag Brewery and Wander Beyond Brewing.
3rd JuneAdded Dark Revolution Ltd, Hurly Burly Brewery Limited, MoogBrew and Unity Brewing Co.
2nd JuneAdded Ashdown Ales Ltd, The Beerblefish Brewing Company Ltd, Brewing Brothers Ltd, Enefeld Brewery, Ewhurst Ales, Fallen Acorn Brewing Co, Hand Brew Co Ltd (Brewpub), Hillside Brewery Limited, Husk Brewing Ltd, Nirvana Brewery, Old Tree Brewery and Pillars Brewery.

May 2017

31st MayAdded Black Mountain Brewing Company Limited, Campbell's Brewery Ltd, The Fowey Brewery Ltd, Furnace Brewery, Stoney Ford Brew Co Ltd, Three Hills Brewing and Tom Herrick's Brewery.
30th MayAdded Bilbrough Top Brewery, Chin Chin Brewing Company Limited, Frisky Bear Brewing Co Ltd, Gene Pool Brewing Ltd, Ghost Brewing Co Ltd, Northallerton Brewery Ltd, R T Ales, Sentinel Brewing Company Limited, Tenby Brewing Co and Tydwals Brewery.
27th MayAdded Biggleswade Brewhouse, Rockhopper Brewing Company and Tinshed Brewery.
26th MayAdded The Hop Shed Ltd, Lakehouse Brewery, Lucky 7 Beer Co, Moseley Beer Company Limited, Seal Bay Brewery, Thousand Trades Brewing Company Ltd and The Vine Inn Brewery 2016 Ltd.
24th MayAdded Black Pig Brewery, Bolthole Brewery, The Emsworth Brewhouse, Hattie Brown's Brewery Ltd, Savour Beer, Tap It Brewing Co and Woodman's Wild Ales.
23rd MayAdded Bale Ale Limited, Beardy Monkey Brewery, Bere Brewery, Checkstone Brewery, EMAL Brewery, Lenton Lane Brewery, Linear Brewing Company and Stannary Brewing Company Ltd.
22nd MayAdded Beespoke Brewery, Bingley Brewery, Here Be Monsters Craft Brewery, Horbury Ales Limited, The Jolly Boys Brewery Ltd and Tarn 51 Brewing Company Ltd.
21st MayAdded Abstract Jungle Brewery, Aurora Ales Limited, Drone Valley Brewery and Weldon Brewery.
20th MayAdded Dopey Dick Brewing Co Ltd, Morton Collins Brewing Company Ltd, Steampunk Brewery Ltd, Truth Hurts Brew Co and Two Thirsty Men Ltd.
19th MayAdded Baa Brewing Limited, Garden City Brewery, Kentwood Brewing Ltd, Lemming Brewery, Polly's Brew Co, Uttoxeter Brewing Company Limited and Wildcraft Brewery Limited.
17th MayAdded 81 Artisan, Abyss Brewing Ltd, The Boat Lane Brewery Ltd, Brewhouse & Kitchen (Lichfield), Crane Beer, Holler Brewery Ltd, The Incredible Brewing Co., King Street Brew House and Lost And Grounded Brewers Ltd.
16th MayAdded The Barn Owl Brewery, Bond Brews Ltd, The Bootlegger Brew Co, Church HanBrewery, Hillfire Brewing Co, Philsters Ales and Pirate Brewery.
12th MayAdded Affinity Brew Company Limited, Alphabeta Brewing Company, Bianca Road Brewing Company, The Fuddy Duck Brewery and Reunion Ales.
11th MayAdded Angles Ales, Blimey! Brewing Company Limited, Brew Shed Beers Limited, Cross Borders Brewing Company Limited, Out of Town Brewing Limited, Stow Brewery Limited and Yaarbrew Microbrewery Limited.
10th MayAdded 71 Brewing Limited, Brew Toon Ltd, Dalrannoch Brewing Company, Law Brewing Company, Platform 22 Cafe & Brewhouse, Redcastle Brewery, Shilling Brewing Co. and Winton Brewery Limited.
9th MayAdded The Amazing Brewery Co Ltd, The Brewery Of Angels and Demons Limited, Battle Brewery, Birchover Brewery, The Folkstone Brewery, Hogs Head Brew House, Hopjacker Brewery Ltd, Moody Fox Brewing Co, NauticAles and Stag Brewery.
4th MayAdded Barrahooley Craft Brewery, Beath Brewing Ltd, Ferry Ales Brewery, Framework Brewery Ltd, Harby Brewstore, The Langwith Brewing Co Ltd, Serious Brewing Co Ltd and The West End Brewery Limited.
3rd MayAdded Bear North Brewing Company, Eagles Crag Brewery Ltd, Elusive Brewing Ltd, Fisher's Brewing Company Ltd, Little Ox Brewery Limited, New River Brewery Ltd, Papworth Brewery Limited, Stardust Brewery Ltd and Tap Social Movement.
2nd MayAdded Broken Bridge Brewing Ltd, The Gasworks Brew House, London Road Brew House, Rocket Town Brewing Company Limited, Stubborn Mule Brewery and Windmill Brewery.

April 2017

30th AprilAdded Chapter Brewing Company Limited, The Craft Brewery Limited, Glen Affric Brewery Limited, Moonchild Brewing Co Ltd, Moorstone Brewery, TAP Brewery and Tilford Brewery.
27th AprilAdded Eyeball Brewing Ltd, Hawkhill Brewery Limited, Hybrid Brewing Ltd, Inner Bay Brewing Limited and Valve Brewing Co Ltd.
26th AprilAdded Brewhouse & Kitchen (Bournemouth), Flash House Brewing Company Limited, Hopburst Brewing Company, Muckle Brewing Ltd, Rigg & Furrow Farmhouse Brewery, Roundhill Brewery Ltd, Saints Row Brewing Co, Three Brothers Brewing Limited and Whitley Bay Brewing Company Ltd.
25th AprilAdded Salute Brewery CIC.

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Last Updated : 22nd December 2017