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Addition History For 2020

This page details the breweries have been added to this site during the year 2020. These are listed is reverse chronological order.

December 2020

21st DecemberAdded Bulletproof Brewing Co and Woodbury Ales.
14th DecemberAdded Combe Brewery.

November 2020

17th NovemberAdded Silver Rocket Brewing Ltd.
3rd NovemberAdded Laines Brew Hub.
1st NovemberAdded Cloak + Dagger Brewing, Furnace Brook Brewery, Lazy Lizard Beer Co, Lost Pier Brewing Ltd and Modern Toss.

October 2020

30th OctoberAdded Southbrew Co. and Three Acre Brewery Limited.
20th OctoberAdded The Beak Brewery Limited and BRZN.
6th OctoberAdded Beacon Brewhaus, Brewis Beer Co Ltd, Möbru Fruit Beers and Wrytree Brewery Ltd.
3rd OctoberAdded Hollow Tree Brewing Co Ltd, Live Brew Co Ltd, Mad Ape Ales, The Old Boot Brewing Co, Plot Five Brewing, Point Break Brewery and TQ Beerworks.
2nd OctoberAdded Blue Brewing Company Ltd, Holy Well Brewing, Howfen Brew Co, To The Moon Brewery Ltd, Vaux Brewery and The Wayoh Brewing Company Ltd.
1st OctoberAdded Bad Bunny Brewery Ltd, Big Stone Beer Ltd and Woodbine Inn Brewery.

September 2020

30th SeptemberAdded Alter Ego Brewing Co Ltd, Basement Beer Ltd, Left Handed Giant Brewing Ltd, Made of Stone Brewing, Manchester Union Brewery and Soul Brewing Company.
29th SeptemberAdded 1 More Than 2 Brew Ltd, 1893 Microbrewery and Portishead Brewing Company Ltd.
24th SeptemberAdded By The River Brew Co, Full Circle Brew Co, Hidden Lane Organic Brewery, Isle of Harris Brewery, Mikkeller Brewpub, North Sea Brewery Ltd, St Botolphs Brewery and Vendetta Brewing Company Limited.
23rd SeptemberAdded South Causey Brewery.
22nd SeptemberAdded Good Stuff Brewing, Scruffy Dog Brewery and Vaguely Brewing Ltd.
21st SeptemberAdded Ashton Brewing Co, Broadtown Brewery Ltd, Hop Therapy Brewing, Metalhead Brewery and Twenty/15 Brewing Ltd.
20th SeptemberAdded Rusty Garage Brewery Ltd.
19th SeptemberAdded Bowtie Brewers, Gold Bear Brewery Limited, Oxhey Village Brewery and Summershed Brewery.
18th SeptemberAdded Creative Juices Brewing Company Ltd and Lock 81 Beer.
17th SeptemberAdded Boojum Brewery.
15th SeptemberAdded The Cat Asylum Brewing Co and FireRock Brewing Company Ltd.
14th SeptemberAdded Chelmsford Brew Co, Courtyard Brewery, JackRabbit Brewing Co, The Posh Boys Brewery Ltd and Saeburh Brewery.
11th SeptemberAdded Barsham Brewery and The Pines Brewery.
10th SeptemberAdded BB18 Brewing Co Ltd and Birdhouse Brewery.
8th SeptemberAdded BeerTorrent Ltd, Duration Brewing, Fengate Brewery and Lock 34 Brew Co Ltd.
7th SeptemberAdded Fizzy Moon Brewing Co, Whitacre Brewing Company and Windmill Hill Brewing Co Ltd.
6th SeptemberAdded Custom Head Brewing.
3rd SeptemberAdded Fiveclouds Brew Co, Fosse Way Brewing Co, Laid Back Brewing, Macclesfield Brewing Company Limited and Sore Feet Brewing.
2nd SeptemberAdded Barker's Brewing Co Limited, Modern Day Monks Brewery, Ninety-Ninety Brew Co Ltd, The Oaks Brewing Co Ltd, Otherton Ales Limited, Tom's Tap and Brewhouse Ltd and Westgate Brewery.
1st SeptemberAdded Brunning & Price and Tantum Brewing Limited.

August 2020

27th AugustAdded Brewdog Outpost (Manchester), Burton Road Brewing Co Limited, Little Shed Brewery and Henry Smith Brewery.
25th AugustAdded Heineken Manchester Brewery and Seagate Brewery.
13th AugustAdded JAM Brewery.
12th AugustAdded Up Front Brewing, Vault City Brewing Ltd and Veterans Brewing Ltd.
11th AugustAdded Escape Brewery Limited and Tin Head Brewery Limited.
10th AugustAdded Epicurus Brewing Company Limited and Twisted Wheel Brew Co.
5th AugustAdded Cheadle Brew House.
4th AugustAdded Grizzly Grains Brewing, Heist Brew Co, Korruptd BrewKo, North Union Brewing Co, Red Rose Brewery Ltd, Ten Eighty Six Brewery, Ward & Houldsworth Ltd and Whitefaced Beer Co.
3rd AugustAdded Outhouse Brewing Ltd, The Brewery of Saint Mars of the Desert and Vadum Brewery Ltd.
2nd AugustAdded Nailmaker Brewing Co.

July 2020

29th JulyAdded Triple Point Brewing Ltd.
23rd JulyAdded Zapato Brewery Ltd.
18th JulyAdded Caps Off Brewery, Chasing Everest Brew Co Limited and Hopper House Brew Farm Ltd.
17th JulyAdded Bang The Elephant Brewing Co Ltd, Bone Idle Brewery, Cheviot Brewery Ltd, Cold Black Label Ltd, Grounding Angels Brew Co, The Malt Brewhouse, Moll Springs Brewery Limited and Piglove Brewing Co Ltd.
16th JulyAdded Bun Dubh Brewing, Stenroth Brewing and Two Towns Down Brewing.
15th JulyAdded 7 Reasons To Brew Ltd, Aye Been Brewing Company and Bellfield Brewery Ltd.
14th JulyAdded Darkland Indi Brew Co, Lazy Turtle Brewing Co, Luddite Brewing Company Limited, Salt Beer Factory and Shadow Brewery Ltd.
12th JulyAdded RBA Brewery and Urban Chicken Brewery.
11th JulyAdded Silver Brewhouse Ltd and Stoatcraft Revolutionary Beers Limited.
9th JulyAdded 3 Non Beards, Guisborough Brewery Ltd, Hops & Dots Brewing Company Limited, Ice Cream Factory Brewery, Lamb Brewing Company, Little Black Dog Beer Co, Malton Brewery Ltd and Play Brew Co.
7th JulyAdded The Crafty Dragon Brewery, Fairy Glen Brewery Ltd, Gil's Brewery Ltd, Glamorgan Brewing Co Ltd, Hemlock Brewery Ltd and Zepto Brewhouse.
6th JulyAdded The Coach Brewing Co, Moot Ales Brewing Co, Ollie's Brewery, Thorley's Craft Beer and Three Lamps Brewery.
5th JulyAdded Chapel-en-le-Frith Craft Brewing Co, The Collyfobble Brewery Limited, Little Goat Brewery and Mabby Brewing Co Ltd.
4th JulyAdded Dovedale Brewing Company Ltd.
2nd JulyAdded Dog's Window Brewery and Drop Bear Beer Co Ltd.
1st JulyAdded 458 Brewery Ltd, All Seeing Eye Brew Co, Dingbat Beer Ltd, Ostlers Ales Ltd, Printworks Brewery, Punchline Brewery Limited, Scott's Brewery and Triumph Brewery Services Ltd.

June 2020

30th JuneAdded GlassHouse Beer Co Ltd, Glassjaw Brewing Co Ltd, Indian Brewery, Leviathan Brewing Ltd, Mashionistas Brewing Company Limited, New Invention Brewery Ltd and Red Moon Brewery Limited.
28th JuneAdded Attic Brew Co, Beat Brewery and Dig Brew Co.
27th JuneAdded Halton Turner Brewing Company Ltd.
26th JuneAdded Cwrw Camel Brewing Co, Harbwr Tenby Harbour Brewery, Little Dragon Brewery, Old Farmhouse Brewery and Zoo Brew Ltd.
25th JuneAdded Consall Forge Brewery, Dogbreath Brewery Ltd, Druid Brewery, Epic Brewing, The Brewery at The Firs, Gentlewood Brewery, The Inadequate Brewery Limited, Bragdy Mona, Cwrw Ogwen Cif and Six Towns Brewery Limited.
24th JuneAdded Black Cloak Brewing, Bragdi Cybi, Dovecote Brewery, Izaak Walton Brewhouse Limited, Magic Dragon Brewing, Marts Craft Beers, Molson Coors Brewing Co (UK) Ltd (Tadcaster), Reaction Brewing Company, Retro Brewing Co, The Roebuck Brewing Company Limited and Top Rope Brewing Limited.
23rd JuneAdded Budwesier Brewing UK (Magor), Budwesier Brewing UK (Salmesbury), Crown Brewhouse, Hickbrew Limited, Railmill Brewing Co, Red Dragon Brewery Ltd, Tamworth Brewing Co and Zulu Alpha Brewing Limited.
21st JuneAdded Buswells Brewery, Elmesthorpe Brewery Co Ltd, Emperor's Brewery, Market Bosworth Brewery Ltd, Monstex and Moonface Brewery.
19th JuneAdded Bone Machine Brew Company Limited, Round Corner Brewing Ltd, The RT Brew Co and Vittles & Company Brewing.
18th JuneAdded Avoiding Line Brewery, Docks Beers Limited, Lincolnshire Craft Beers Ltd, Long Hop Brewery, The Old Prentonian Brewing Co Ltd, Pin & Firkin Brewery, Wickham House Brewery and Tom Wood Beers Ltd.
17th JuneAdded Anglo-Oregon Brewing Company llp, Copper Fox Brewery Ltd, Loomshed Hebridean Brewery, Pumphouse Brewing Company Limited, Simple Things Fermentations and Welland Brewery Ltd.
16th JuneAdded After The Harvest Brewing Ltd, Keep The Faith Brewing and Raven Hill Brewery.
15th JuneAdded Bumbling Brewery, The Butley Brewhouse, Downham Isle Brewery, Grafham Brewing Company Ltd, The Hartest Brewing Co, Ivo Brewery Ltd, Jesus College Brewery, Munson's Brewery, One Degree East Brewery, Pastore Brewing and Blending Limited, Woolybutt Brew Shed Limited and Yorkshire Coast Brew Co.
13th JuneAdded Broadway Brewery, Church Aston Brewery, Finney's Brewery, The Gorgeous Beer Company Ltd, Heathton Brewery Ltd, New Brew, Severn Valley Ales Ltd, St Annes Brewery and Swan, Walters & Son Brewing Co.
12th JuneAdded Burwell Brewery Ltd, Roughacre Brewery, Turpin's Brewery and Wylde Sky Brewing Ltd.
11th JuneAdded Avalanche Brew Co, Boot Town Brewery Ltd, Evolution Brewing Ltd, Holcot Hop-Craft Ltd, Hoppy Family Brewery and Purple Cow Brewing.
10th JuneAdded Braybrooke Beer Co, Creaton Grange Ales and Litchborough Artisan Brewery.
9th JuneAdded Humber Doucy Brewing Company, The Krafty Braumeister, Phantasmo Brewery and Weird Sisters Brewery.
8th JuneAdded Beccles Brew Co Ltd, Bullen Brewing Co, The Little Dewchurch Brewing Company Limited and The Weobley Brewing Company.
7th JuneAdded Crafted Brewing Co Ltd and Urban Huntsman Brewing Co.
6th JuneAdded Gander Brewing Co Ltd and Lab Culture Brewery.
5th JuneAdded Roman Way Brewery Ltd.
4th JuneAdded BOA Brewing Company Ltd, Conch Brewing, Nothing Bound Brewing Co Ltd and The Sociable Brewing Company Limited.

May 2020

31st MayAdded Flagship Beer, Gibberish Brewery, Republic of Liverpool Beer Company and Uncanny Valley Brewing Company Limited.
30th MayAdded Beer Station Brewery Ltd, Brooks Brewhouse Limited, Carnival Brewing Company Limited, Howzat Brewery Ltd and Tyton Brewery.
28th MayAdded Brewbot, Brewery Z, Cloughmore, The Crown Brewery, Fifth Quarter Brewing Company, LabRat Brewing Limited, Loopland Brewing Company, Nightcap Beer Co, Potton Brewing Company Ltd, Sailortown Brewing, Samuels Brewing Company and Twisted Kettle Brewing Company.
27th MayAdded Beer Hut Brewing Co, Kelchner Brewery, Lecale Brewery Ltd, MashDown Brewery Ltd, McCrackens Brewery, Modest Beer Limited, Norn Iron Brew Company Ltd and Rough Brothers Brewing Ltd.
26th MayAdded Bodachra Brewing Company, Cullach Brewing Ltd, Galloway Lights Brewing Ltd, Heaney Farmhouse Brewery, Lennox Brewery Limited, Motte & Bailey Brewery, O'Connor Craft Beers, Seven Kings Brewery Ltd, Strath Mash Brewing and Wild Barn Beer.
25th MayAdded The Blunt Chisel Brewery, Faking Bad Brewery Ltd, The Hartlebury Brewing Company, Lowland Brewing and Shed 35 Brewery.
24th MayAdded DeutschLond Brewery, Forest Road Brewing Company Ltd, Toast Ale Ltd, Watneys Beer and White Rabbit Brewery Ltd.
23rd MayAdded Bloomsbury Brewery, Liverpool Brewing Company Ltd, Love Lane Brewery and Wolfpack Lager.
22nd MayAdded Common Rioters Beer Limited, Hop King Beers and Roaring Four Brewing Company.
21st MayAdded Applecross Brewing Company Ltd, Cold Town Brewery, Dog Falls Brewing Co Ltd, Friendship Adventure Ltd, Infinite Session, Knoydart Brewery Limited, Overtone Brewing Co, Ride Brew Co, Rock Leopard Brewing Company, Uppingham Brewhouse, Werewolf Beer and WorkShy Brewing.
19th MayAdded Maltmeister Brewery and Manual Brewing Co.
18th MayAdded Better World Brewing, Coalition Brewing Company Ltd, Greywood Brewery, Little Faith Beer, Old Kent Road Brewery and Project 88 Brewing.
13th MayAdded Hiver Beers Ltd, Jiddlers Tipple Craft Beer, Kentish Town Brewery Ltd and Oddly Limited.
12th MayAdded Cellar Boys Brewery, Craft Academy and Up The Creek Brewery.

April 2020

7th AprilAdded Earth Ale Ltd, The Eel Pie Brewing Company, House Brewery, Jeffersons Brewery, Mothership Beer Ltd, Mutineers Brewery, Wrong Side of the Tracks Beer and °Plato Brewing.
6th AprilAdded Deviant & Dandy Brewery Limited, Fearless Nomad Brewing, Odin's Manx Beers Limited, Old Fountain Brewhouse and Patten Brewhouse.

March 2020

24th MarchAdded Block Brewery Limited, Br3wery Craft Brewing Co, Brewdog Outpost (Tower Hill), Concrete Island Brewery Limited and Small Beer Brew Co Ltd.
23rd MarchAdded German Kraft Brewery Ltd (Southwark), Hackney Church Brew Co, ShortStack Basement Brews and SlyBeast Brewing Co.
11th MarchAdded Exale Brewing, The Goodness Brewing Company, Hale Brewing Co, Magic Spells Brewery, Pinnora Brewing, Signal Brewery Ltd, Soul Rebel Brew Co, Two Finches Brewery, Ubrew and Urban Alchemy Brewing Co.
10th MarchAdded Belrose Brewery, Brewery Below, Cricklewood Brewing Company, Haverstock Brewery, Kitchen Beer Brewing Company, Lonesome Brewing Company Limited, Second Wave Brewing, Streatham Brewing Company and W1 Brewery.
6th MarchAdded Bohem Brewery Ltd, Gravity Well Brewing Co, The Mechanic Brewing Co, Pretty Decent Beer Co, St Mary's Brewery Limited and Tankleys Brewery Limited.
5th MarchAdded Anomoly Brewing Ltd, Brewheadz Brewery, BritHop Brewing Co Limited, Little Creatures Brewing, Muswell Hillbilly Brewers Ltd, Old Street Brewery Ltd, Ora Brewing Company Ltd and Spartan Brewery.
4th MarchAdded Boxcar Brewery Limited, Broken Drum Brewery, Goose Island Brewpub, Neckstamper Brewing, Perivale Brewery and Villages Brewery Limited.

February 2020

21st FebruaryAdded Battersea Brewery, Ealing Brewing Ltd, Ignition Brewery and London Beer Lab (Production Site).

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