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Addition History For 2010

This page details the breweries have been added to this site during the year 2010. These are listed is reverse chronological order.

December 2010

30th DecemberAdded Landlord's Friend Brewery.
17th DecemberAdded Dancing Duck Beer Ltd and Hop Vine Brewery.
8th DecemberAdded DT Ales, Inishmacsaint Brewery Ltd, Joule's Brewery Ltd and Redwillow Brewery Ltd.
6th DecemberAdded Merry Miner Brewery Ltd, Ouseburn Valley Brewery and The Urban Brewhouse.
3rd DecemberAdded Angel Ales Ltd, Binghams Brewery Ltd, Flightpath Ales, Irwell Works Brewery Ltd and The Revolutions Brewing Company Ltd.
1st DecemberAdded Blueball Brewery, Cerddin Brewery, Ennerdale Craft Brewery, Faringdon Brewery, Farriers Arms Brewery, Hastings Brewery, Kent Brewery, Offbeat Brewery Ltd and The Tap House Brewery Ltd.

October 2010

26th OctoberAdded Abigale Brewing Company Ltd, Barnsley Beer Company, Merlin Micro Brewery, The Naked Brewer and Northcote Brewery Ltd.
12th OctoberAdded Happy Valley Brewery, Long Lane Brewery, Mr Grundy's Brewery, Prior's Well Brewery and Saxon City Ales.
11th OctoberAdded Bootleg Brewing Co, The Canterbury Ales, Coppice Side Brewery Ltd, Copthorne Brewery, Devilfish Brewery Limited and Fellows Brewery Ltd.

September 2010

7th SeptemberAdded Norwich Bear Brewing, Poldark Brewery and The Two Towers Brewery Ltd.
4th SeptemberAdded Blue Buzzard Ales and Vieira Brewing Company.
2nd SeptemberAdded Blue Bee Brewery Ltd and Bridgewater Brewery.

August 2010

10th AugustAdded The Loose Cannon Brewing Company Ltd and The Old Forge Brewery.

July 2010

15th JulyAdded Mighty Hop Brewery Ltd.
14th JulyAdded 4T's Brewery Limited, Green Room Ales Ltd and The Marlpool Brewing Company Limited.
3rd JulyAdded 8 Sail Brewery and Wainstones Brewery.
1st JulyAdded The Ridgeside Brewing Company Ltd.

June 2010

20th JuneAdded Towcester Mill Brewery.
9th JuneAdded Creative Brewing Company Ltd, Flack Manor Brewery Ltd, Littlehampton Brewery, Pixie Spring Brewing Company Ltd, Rotters Brewery, Tatton Brewery Ltd and Truman's.

May 2010

26th MayAdded Hetty Peggler Brewery and Rowditch Inn Brewery.
25th MayAdded Burnside Brewery, Flipside Brewery, Island Brewery and Liverpool One Brewery Limited.
19th MayAdded Raw Brewing Company Limited.
15th MayAdded Bacchus Hotel Brewery, Goodall's Brewery and Toad Brewery.
12th MayAdded Botley Brewery Ltd, Greenodd Brewery and Hogswood Brewing Company.
6th MayAdded Llangollen Brewery Ltd, Lord Conrad's Brewery and Tonbridge Brewery Ltd.

April 2010

20th AprilAdded Royal Tunbridge Wells Brewing Company Limited.
16th AprilAdded Lyme Regis Brewing Ltd.
13th AprilAdded The Old Brewery, Reality Brewery and Windsor & Eton Brewing Company Limited.
12th AprilAdded Mithril Ales.
7th AprilAdded Croglin Brewery, Knops Beer Company, Tempest Brewing Company Limited and The Upham Brewery llp.

March 2010

3rd MarchAdded Bridgehouse Brewery Ltd.

February 2010

17th FebruaryAdded The Old Dairy Brewing Co Ltd.
12th FebruaryAdded Wharfe Beers.
9th FebruaryAdded Darkwave Brewing, Neath Ales and Westcrown Brewery.
4th FebruaryAdded Oban Ales Ltd.

January 2010

21st JanuaryAdded Barlow Brewery and Redemption Brewing Company Limited.
4th JanuaryAdded Windlestone Brewery.
1st JanuaryAdded Hensting Brewery, Madcap Brewery and World's End Ales.

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Last Updated : 30th December 2010