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Addition History For 2008

This page details the breweries have been added to this site during the year 2008. These are listed is reverse chronological order.

November 2008

28th NovemberAdded Garthela Brewhouse.
21st NovemberAdded ABC (The Pride Of Aston) Ltd and Saints & Sinners Brewing Company.
7th NovemberAdded Weatheroak Hill Brewery Limited.
1st NovemberAdded Brough's Brewery, Plain Ales Brewery Ltd and Red Lion.

October 2008

29th OctoberAdded The Brass Monkey Brewery Company Limited.
28th OctoberAdded Sandstone Brewery llp and Silverstone Brewery.
23rd OctoberAdded Pitstop Brewery.
19th OctoberAdded Blackbeck Brewery.
14th OctoberAdded Andwell Brewing Company llp.
8th OctoberAdded Lymestone Brewery Ltd.
7th OctoberAdded Blue Monkey Brewing Ltd, Pipes Beer and The Storyteller Brewery Ltd.
3rd OctoberAdded Firebrand Brewing Ltd and The Forge Brewery.

September 2008

19th SeptemberAdded East Coast Brewing Company and Five Towns Brewery.
18th SeptemberAdded Art Brew.
7th SeptemberAdded Sticklegs Brewery.

August 2008

28th AugustAdded The Mill Green Brewery.
26th AugustAdded Dark Horse Brewery, Red Fox Brewery Ltd and Wincle Beer Company Ltd.
20th AugustAdded Heritage Brewing Museum CIC.
13th AugustAdded Forgotten Corner Brewery, Little Ale Cart Brewing Company and Neepsend Brewery Ltd.

July 2008

28th JulyAdded Birmingham Brewery Ltd, Bollington Brewing Company Ltd, Dorking Brewery, Full Moon Brewery and Lakeland Brewhouse.
21st JulyAdded Luckie Ales.
3rd JulyAdded The Yard of Ale Brewing Company Ltd.

June 2008

26th JuneAdded The Backyard Brewhouse.
16th JuneAdded Freestyle Brewing.
13th JuneAdded Penzance Brewing Company Ltd.
12th JuneAdded Shedded Brewery.

May 2008

29th MayAdded The Avon Brewing Company Ltd, Morrissey Fox and James Herbert Smith Traditional Brewers.
19th MayAdded Bewdley Brewery Ltd, Fallons Exquisite Ales, Great Heck Brewing Company Ltd, Norfolk Square Brewery llp, Richmond Brewing Company Limited, The Willoughby Brewing Company Ltd and Zerodegrees (Cardiff).
8th MayAdded The Bridgetown Brewery, Mallinsons Brewing Company and The Old Cross Tavern Brewery.
1st MayAdded Castle Brewery and Wrekin Brewing Company Ltd.

April 2008

28th AprilAdded Outstanding Brewing Co Ltd.
23rd AprilAdded McGivern's Ales.
22nd AprilAdded Redscar Brewery Ltd.
3rd AprilAdded Malt B Brewing Company.

March 2008

24th MarchAdded Devon Earth Brewery.
18th MarchAdded Adur Brewery and Calvors Brewery Ltd.
11th MarchAdded Quantock Ales Ltd and The Ship Inn Brewery.

February 2008

26th FebruaryAdded Bees Brewery.
4th FebruaryAdded Herefordshire Ales & Pork Pie Company and The Rushing Dolls Company Ltd.

January 2008

24th JanuaryAdded Packfield Brewery Ltd.
21st JanuaryAdded Leila Cottage Brewery.
15th JanuaryAdded Best Mates Brewery Ltd and The Hart of Stebbing Brewery Ltd.
14th JanuaryAdded Hop Union Brewery Limited.
11th JanuaryAdded Cherwell Valley Brewery Ltd.

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Last Updated : 28th November 2008