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Addition History For 2016

This page details the breweries have been added to this site during the year 2016. These are listed is reverse chronological order.

December 2016

9th DecemberAdded Brewhouse & Kitchen (Cheltenham), Brewhouse & Kitchen (Southbourne), Four Kings Brewery Ltd, Isle of Sark Brewing Co and Wily Fox Brewery Limited.
8th DecemberAdded Brewhouse & Kitchen (Bedford), Brewhouse & Kitchen (Chester), Brewhouse & Kitchen (Wilmslow), Marko Paulo Brewery, Ribble Brewery Ltd and South Lakes Brewing Co.
7th DecemberAdded Grill & Grain and Hubsters Brewery Ltd.
6th DecemberAdded Crankshaft Brewery, Skippool Creek Brewery and Withnell's Brewing Company Ltd.

June 2016

7th JuneAdded AleCraft Brewery.

May 2016

5th MayAdded The Oxted Brewery Ltd and UnBarred Brewery.

April 2016

29th AprilAdded North Brewing Company Limited, Quirky Ales Limited, Three Fiends Brewhouse, Trinity Brewing Company and Wishbone Brewery Limited.
28th AprilAdded Beer Ink Brewing Co, Brew York Ltd (Walmgate), Brick House Brewing Co, Little London Brewery Limited and Woodcote Brewing Co.
26th AprilAdded 40FT Brewery, Leafy Hollow Brewery, Strathcarron Brewery and Tremethick Brewery.

March 2016

29th MarchAdded Edinbrew Ltd, The Edinburgh Beer Factory Limited, Fierce Beer Co, Park Brew and Scotch Hop Brewery.
27th MarchAdded Ale House Rock Brewery, Bullhouse Brew Co Ltd, Hexagon Brew Co and Lion's Lair Brewery.
25th MarchAdded Black Market Brewery Limited, Farr Brew, HighPeak Brew Co, Laig Bay Brew Co and PumpHouse Community Brewery Limited.
24th MarchAdded Boot Beer Brewery, Burton Town Brewery Limited, Edmunds Brewhouse, D. O'Brien Brewery Limited, Pickled Pig Brewers, Range Ales Brewery Limited and Swan Brewery llp.
23rd MarchAdded Beeston Hop Ltd, Boundary Brewing Cooperative Limited, The Brew Shack Microbrewery, Brinkburn Street Brewery Limited, Fintry Brewing Company Limited, Lawman Brewing Company Ltd, Little Bush Brewery, Ness Ales, Totem Brewing Company Ltd and Webster's of Wollaston.
22nd MarchAdded Battlefield Brewery Ltd, Bricknell Brewery, Hilltop Brewery, Little Critters Brewing Company Ltd and Bragdy Twt Lol.
17th MarchAdded Credence Brewing Ltd, Dancing Cows Ltd, The Dog And Rabbit Brewery Ltd, Lacada Brewery Ltd, Melin Tap Brewhouse Limited and Rock Mill Brewery.
14th MarchAdded Castlegate Brewery Limited, Crossed Anchors Brewing Company llp, Gaol Ale Brewery, Hetton Law Brewery, Little Brewing Company Ltd, Tiley's Brewery Ltd and The Yelland Manor Brewing Company.
13th MarchAdded Black Bear Brewery, Brewhouse & Kitchen (Gloucester Quays), Brewhouse & Kitchen (Southampton), Brewhouse & Kitchen (Sutton Coldfield), East Stratton Brewery, Maregade Brew Co, RPM Brewery Ltd, Tanners Ales and Thames Side Brewery Ltd.
12th MarchAdded Silks Brewery Limited.
11th MarchAdded 3 Potts Brewing Co, Black Lodge Brewing, Chadlington Brewery Ltd, Hedgedog Brewing Ltd, John O'Groats Brewery Ltd, The Manning Brewers Ltd, Newcastle Brewing Co Ltd and Pershore Brewery Limited.
10th MarchAdded Beer Nouveau, Errant Brewery, Manchester Brewing Co, The Poynton Brewery and Rising Sun Brewery.
9th MarchAdded Beer Brothers Ltd, Biggar Brewing Co-operative, Bini Brew Co, Bosco Brewing Company, Brack 'N' Brew Brewing Co and Third Eye Brewery Limited.

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Last Updated : 9th December 2016