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Addition History For 2011

This page details the breweries have been added to this site during the year 2011. These are listed is reverse chronological order.

December 2011

14th DecemberAdded Gloucester Brewery, Hafod Brewing Company Ltd and Pocket Brewery.
7th DecemberAdded Plymouth Beer Company and The Rebel Brewing Company.
6th DecemberAdded Jones Brewery, The Kendal Brewing Company and Two Cocks Brewery Limited.
1st DecemberAdded Ards Brewing Company Ltd, The Downlands Brewery, The Friends Arms Brewery, The Gambling Man Brewing Company and Willy Good Ales.

November 2011

29th NovemberAdded The Aylesbury Brewhouse, Cromarty Brewing Company Ltd, Cullercoats Brewery Ltd, Tillingbourne Brewery Ltd and Wilson Potter Brewery llp.
21st NovemberAdded Cap House Brewery, Highwood Brewery, Nene Valley Brewery Limited and Wrexham Lager Beer Company Limited.
10th NovemberAdded Barney's Beer, Big Bog Brewing Company, Corfe Castle Brewery Ltd, Dickensian Brewery, Hop Fuzz Brewery Ltd, Pin-up Beers Ltd and Vibrant Forest Brewery.
8th NovemberAdded Acton Ales Ltd, The Kitchen Garden Brewery and The Smart Brewing Company.
7th NovemberAdded Andrews Ales, Big River Brewery Limited, The Botanist Brewery & Kitchen, Brass Castle Brewery, By The Horns Brewing Company, Cathedral Heights Brewery, Double Top Brewery, Handley's Brewery, Liverpool Craft Beers Ltd, Nightjar Brew Co, Norton Brewing, Partners Brewery Ltd, The Rat Brewery, River Leven Ales, Rock & Roll Brewhouse Ltd, Shottle Farm Brewery Ltd, Silhill Brewery Ltd, Tap East, Windy Brewery, XT Brewing Company and Yorkshire Heart Brewery.

September 2011

6th SeptemberAdded East London Brewing Company Limited, Grey Trees Brewery, Heddon Valley Ales, James & Kirkman Brewery, Staithes Brewery and The Wellington Inn Brewery.

August 2011

30th AugustAdded Brecon Brewing Ltd, Gorgeous Brewery, Middle Earth Brewing Company Ltd and The Mobberley Brewhouse Ltd.
27th AugustAdded Ashley Down Brewery Limited, Blackedge Brewing Company Ltd, Brightbeer, Cross Bay Brewery, Cwrw Llŷn Cyf, London Fields Brewery Opco Limited and Redchurch Brewery.
4th AugustAdded Black Iris Brewery and Longdog Brewery.

July 2011

27th JulyAdded Geeves Brewery Ltd, Milltown Brewing Co Ltd and Rough Draft Brewing Company Limited.
10th JulyAdded The Worth Brewing Company.
5th JulyAdded Brightside Brewing Company Ltd, The Dove Street Brewery Ltd , Loch Lomond Brewery Ltd and Salisbury Brewery.
4th JulyAdded Fakir Brewing Company Ltd, Holsworthy Ales, The Kite Brewery, The Old Inn Brewhouse, Scarborough Brewery Limited and St Ives Brewery Limited.
2nd JulyAdded Bishop Nick Limited, The Black Paw Brewery Ltd, Bude Brewery, Cleveland Brewery, DB Brew & Food Ltd, George's Brewery, Golden Triangle Brewery, Haworth Steam Brewing Company and The Sportsman Brewing Company.

June 2011

14th JuneAdded Betjeman Brewery, Canterbury Brewers, Kirkstall Brewery and Wentwell Brewery.
8th JuneAdded Brew-On CIC, Brewshed Brewery, Chester Ales Ltd, Hunsbury Craft Brewery, Sherfield Village Brewery, Uffa Brewery and Welbeck Abbey Brewery.

May 2011

11th MayAdded Magic Rock Brewing Co Ltd.
5th MayAdded Black Cat Brewery, Complete Pig Brewery and Owenshaw Mill Brewery Ltd.

April 2011

26th AprilAdded Bellinger's Brewery.
15th AprilAdded Craddock's Brewery.
13th AprilAdded Byatt's Brewery Ltd, Pied Bull Brewery and Tipsy Angel Brewery.
7th AprilAdded Glebe Farm Foods Ltd and Tyne Bank Brewery Ltd.

March 2011

31st MarchAdded The Star Brewery.
29th MarchAdded The Rosebud Pub Restaurant & Brewery and Two Roses Brewery Ltd.
21st MarchAdded May Hill Brewery, Moncada Brewery Ltd and Worsthorne Brewing Co Ltd.
17th MarchAdded Imperial Brewery, Just a Minute Brewery and Weard'Ale Brewery.
10th MarchAdded Sleaford Brewery.

February 2011

25th FebruaryAdded Wall's Brewing Company Ltd.
24th FebruaryAdded Born in the Borders Brewery and Brontë Ales Ltd.
23rd FebruaryAdded Jo C's Ales.
14th FebruaryAdded Delavals (Brewers) Ltd.
9th FebruaryAdded Hopping Mad Brewery, Loch Ness Brewing Company and North Riding Brewpub.
6th FebruaryAdded Hewitt's Brewery Limited.

January 2011

15th JanuaryAdded Vens Brewing Co Ltd.
13th JanuaryAdded Panther Brewery.
12th JanuaryAdded Daft Monk Brewery.

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Last Updated : 14th December 2011