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Addition History For 2005

This page details the breweries have been added to this site during the year 2005. These are listed is reverse chronological order.

December 2005

25th DecemberAdded Hardknott Brewery.
13th DecemberAdded Higson's Brewery Ltd and Snowdon Craft Beer Ltd.
6th DecemberAdded Barearts Brewery, The Betwixt Beer Company Ltd, Canavans Brewery, Dawkins Ales, Lovibond's Brewery Ltd, Sherborne Brewery Ltd, Star Beermaking Company, Tollgate Brewery and Yorkshire Dales Brewing Company Limited.

November 2005

10th NovemberAdded Purity Brewing Company Ltd.
2nd NovemberAdded The Brew Wharf Company Ltd.

October 2005

23rd OctoberAdded WC Brewery Ltd.
17th OctoberAdded Bard's Brewery.

September 2005

26th SeptemberAdded Battledown Brewery llp and The Craftsman Brewery.
19th SeptemberAdded Old Spot Brewery Limited.
13th SeptemberAdded Fallen Angel Brewery.

August 2005

30th AugustAdded Keynsham Brewing Company Ltd.
14th AugustAdded The Brandon Brewery, The Fat Cat Brewing Company, Front Street Brewery and Hammerpot Brewery Ltd.
4th AugustAdded Wear Valley Brewery Ltd.

July 2005

26th JulyAdded Severn Vale Brewing Company.
21st JulyAdded Blackfriars Brewery Limited.
14th JulyAdded Distant Hills Brewing.
9th JulyAdded Combe Martin Brewery.
4th JulyAdded Sidecar Brewery and Spitting Feathers Brewery.

June 2005

26th JuneAdded Little Valley Brewery Ltd.
24th JuneAdded Quartz Brewing Ltd.
16th JuneAdded The Union Brewery Ltd.
13th JuneAdded Bragdy'R Bryn Cyf, Cotswold Spring Brewery Ltd, Lancaster Brewery Ltd, The Otley Brewing Company Limited and VOG Brewery.

May 2005

24th MayAdded The Crondall Brewing Co Ltd, Great Oakley Brewery, Jolly Brewer, The Mayfields Brewery and Peakstones Rock Brewing Company.
18th MayAdded Bull Lane Brewing Company.
6th MayAdded Frodsham Brewery, Isle of Mull Brewing Co Ltd, The Oyster Bar & Brewery and Surrey Hills Brewery.

April 2005

26th AprilAdded Bradfield Brewery Ltd.
25th AprilAdded Yetman's Brewery.
20th AprilAdded Kendricks Brewing and Tunnel Brewery Ltd.
13th AprilAdded Atlantic Brewery and Danelaw Brewery Ltd.

March 2005

24th MarchAdded Oxfordshire Ales.
20th MarchAdded Borough Arms Brewery.
13th MarchAdded Potbelly Brewery Limited.
8th MarchAdded Swannay Brewery and Ufford Ales Ltd.

February 2005

27th FebruaryAdded Naylor's Brewery Ltd.
21st FebruaryAdded Rodham's Brewery.
15th FebruaryAdded Custom Beers Limited, The George & Dragon and The Old Bog Brewery.
2nd FebruaryAdded Peak Ales (Production Brewery).

January 2005

23rd JanuaryAdded The Moorcock Brewing Co, Peelwalls Brewery and Wild's Brewery Ltd.
22nd JanuaryAdded Backyard Bobs Brewery, Mersea Island Brewery and Norfolk Cottage Brewing.
19th JanuaryAdded The Winchester Brewery Limited.
18th JanuaryAdded Rhymney Brewery Ltd.
14th JanuaryAdded Cardigan Brewery Ltd.

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Last Updated : 25th December 2005