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Addition History For 2015

This page details the breweries have been added to this site during the year 2015. These are listed is reverse chronological order.

October 2015

15th OctoberAdded Pig Iron Brewing Co Ltd.
14th OctoberAdded Torrside Brewing Ltd.

August 2015

28th AugustAdded The Braunton Brewery.
26th AugustAdded CTZN Brew, Cwm Rhondda Ales Ltd, The Hungry Bear, Maule Brewing Co and The Old Market Brewery.
23rd AugustAdded Quiet Brewery and Totnes Brewing Co Limited.
22nd AugustAdded CrackleRock Brewing Company, Five Kingdoms Brewery, Hornes Brewery, Ran Ales Ltd and The Three Legs Brewing Co.
3rd AugustAdded Alehouse & Kitchen, The Cranky Cobbler Brewery Limited, Greyhound Brewery Ltd, Kirrie Ales, Monkey Chews Brewery, The Pells Brewing Co-op and Simply Hops.

July 2015

31st JulyAdded The Beer Refinery, Black Metal Brewery, Bucks Star Ltd, Independent Lakeland Breweries, INNformal Brewery, Karrock Brewery Ltd and Wooha Brewing.
30th JulyAdded Betteridge's Brewing Company, Deva Craft Beer Ltd, Dynamite Valley Brewery Ltd, Long Arm Pub & Brewery, Verdant Brewing Co Ltd and The Wimbledon Brewery Company Limited.
29th JulyAdded Baker's Dozen Brewing Co, Brew Buddies, Crooked Brook Beer Co Ltd, The Godstone Brewers Ltd, Gun Brewery Ltd, Moody Goose Brewery Limited, Rock The Boat Brewery, Steam Machine Brewing Company Ltd, Twisted Barrel Ale Limited and Walled City Brewery.
28th JulyAdded Ashleyhay Brewery, Drink Up Brewing Ltd, Electric Bear Brewing Company Ltd, GT Ales Ltd, Helm Bar Brewery, Mondo Brewing Company, Moorside Brewery Limited, Pell & Co Ales, People's Brewery, Riviera Brewing Company Limited, Rivington Brewing Co Limited, St Andrews Brewery, Staggeringly Good Brewery, The Station Works Brewery, Still and Star Brewpub, Urban Island Brewing Co Limited and Vocation Brewery Limited.
27th JulyAdded Box Social Brewing, Eastbury Brewing Company Limited, Mourne Mountains Brewery Limited, North Riding Brewery Ltd, Red Star Brewery (Formby) Ltd, Romney Marsh Brewery Limited, Three Sods Brewery and Wintrip Brew Co.
26th JulyAdded Brewhouse & Kitchen (Bristol), Brewhouse & Kitchen (Highbury), Brewhouse & Kitchen (Poole), Dickens Brewery, Neptune Brewery Ltd, Northbound Brewery Ltd and Wild Horse Brewing Company Limited.
25th JulyAdded 12 Bar Brewing Company Limited, Oakwood Brewery and Snowhill Brewery Ltd.
24th JulyAdded Appleby Brewery Ltd, Boss Craft Brewing, Bradford Brewery Limited and The Portpatrick Brewery Limited.

March 2015

19th MarchAdded Alpha State Brewery, Hop Art Limited, Otherton Ales Ltd and Sultan Brewery.
18th MarchAdded Aardvark Brewery, Ethical Ales, Great Central Brewery Limited, Hermitage Brewery, Madrigal Brewery, Newbridge Brewery Limited, The Park Brewery Ltd and Pembrokeshire Brewing Co Ltd.
17th MarchAdded Ad Hop Brewing Ltd, Anglesey Brewing Co Ltd, Canopy Beer Company Ltd, Coppertown Brewery Ltd, Fat Brewer Ltd, Gainford Beer Cooperative Ltd, The Hanging Bat Beer Co, My Generation Beer Co, The Rothes Brewery, Shoulder of Mutton Brewpub and The Stockton Brewing Company.
16th MarchAdded Ainsty Ales Ltd, Bartleby's Brewery, Beer Me Brewery, Hop King Brewing Co, Odyssey Brew Co Ltd, The Pilot Brewery Ltd, Surfing Monkey Brewery and The Village Brewer Brew Twenty2.

February 2015

27th FebruaryAdded Bruha Brewing, Eight Arch Brewing Co, LAM Brewing Ltd, Maidstone Brewery, Mr Majolica's Brewing Company Ltd, The Occasional Brewing Co, Stratford upon Avon Brewery Ltd, Tarn Hows Brewery Ltd, Très Bien Brewery, Wriggle Valley Brewery and Zymurgorium Ltd.
26th FebruaryAdded The Bridge Brewery, Cloudwater Brew Co Ltd and Paradigm Brewery Ltd.
25th FebruaryAdded Brewshine Brewery, Frontier Brewing Company Limited, Grampus Brewery, Idle Valley Brewing, Lola Rose Brewery, The Parker Brewery, Rowett Brewing, Rusty Prop Brewing Company Ltd and Andrew Usher.
24th FebruaryAdded Alphabet Brewing Company, Bottle Cap Bar and Brewery, Charnwood Brewery llp, Cryptic Ales Limited, Four Candles Brewery, Isla Vale Alesmiths, Knockout Brewing Co, Tapstone Brewing Company Limited and Thirst Class Ale Ltd.
20th FebruaryAdded London Brewing Company.

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Last Updated : 15th October 2015