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Addition History For 2019

This page details the breweries have been added to this site during the year 2019. These are listed is reverse chronological order.

November 2019

7th NovemberAdded Antoine's Brewery, Barrow Green Brewery, Faultline Brew Co Ltd, Harvest Brewery, Sussex Small Batch Brewery and Two Tribes Brewery.
6th NovemberAdded Chapeau Brewing Co, Spencers Brewery and The Vine Brewery.
5th NovemberAdded Beercraft Brighton, Brew Studio, Larrikin Beer, Missing Link Brewing Ltd, Titsey Brewing Co and The Watchmakers Arms Brewery.

October 2019

8th OctoberAdded Cellar Head Brewing Company Ltd, The Engineer Brewery, Good Things Brewing Co Ltd, Lost & Found Brewery Limited and Loud Shirt Brewing Co.
7th OctoberAdded Bestens Brewery Ltd, Brewhouse & Kitchen (Horsham), Brolly Brewing, Polarity Brewing Ltd and Riverside Brewing Ltd.
2nd OctoberAdded Headcorn Hop Brewery, The Oak Brewery and Running Man Brewery.
1st OctoberAdded Attwell's Brewery and Hinks' Craft Brewery.

September 2019

17th SeptemberAdded Fonthill Brewing Company, Northdown Brewery and XYLO Brewing Ltd.
13th SeptemberAdded Iron Pier Brewery Ltd, Kettledrum Brewery Ltd and Samphire Brewery Limited.
12th SeptemberAdded Anchor House Brewery, Makemake Brewing Company, New Devon Brewing Ltd, Steel Brew Co Ltd and Twisted Magnolia Brewery.
11th SeptemberAdded Beer Bores Brewing Co., The Forest Brewery, Ivybridge Brewing Company Ltd, Mills Brewing, Teignmouth Brewery, Three Engineers Brewery and Yubberton Brewing Co.
4th SeptemberAdded Artisan Ales, Big River Brew Co, Clavell & Hind, Fishponds Brewery Ltd, Inferno Brewery Ltd and Masquerade Brewing Co.

August 2019

21st AugustAdded Dowr Kammel Brewing Company Ltd, Fowey River Brewing Company, Sunset Brewing Co and Tower Brewing.
8th AugustAdded The New Union Brewing Company Limited, Old Friends Brewery, Old Vicarage Brewery, Roa Island Brewing Company and The Shaws of Grange Brewing Co.
7th AugustAdded Accidental Brewery, Clay Brow Nano Brewery, Handsome Brewery Limited, Horner Bros Brewery, Langdale Brewing Company Ltd, Logan Beck Brewing, Masons Brewery, Q Brew Brewing Company and Strata Brewing Co.

July 2019

3rd JulyAdded Darkplace Brewery, Many Hands Brewery Ltd, Morwell Craft Ales and Topsham Brewery.
2nd JulyAdded The Buckland Brewers, Two Tone Beers and Utopian Brewing Limited.
1st JulyAdded Hubris-ID, Taw Valley Brewery Limited and Two Drifters Brewery.

June 2019

30th JuneAdded Yonder Brewing & Blending.
28th JuneAdded Albion Brewing Company, Apex Brewery, Bason Bridge Brewing Co Ltd, Parkway Brewing Company Ltd and Red Ink Brewery.
27th JuneAdded Bliss Brew Co, Blonde Brothers Limited, Chippenham Craft Brewery, Imaginary Friends Brewing Limited and Stinky Bay Brewing Co.
26th JuneAdded Barefaced Brewing Ltd, Brewers Folly Brewery Ltd, Copper Street Brewery, Drop The Anchor Brewery Limited, King Alfred Ales, Knight Life Brewing Ltd, Penton Park Brewery, Pig Beers, Sandbanks Brewery Limited, Stratton Lane Brewery, Stripey Cat Craft Brewery and The Way Outback Brewing Company Limited.
25th JuneAdded Brewhouse & Kitchen (Southsea), Brockenhurst Brewery, Laverstoke Park Farm, Southsea Brewing Co, Steam Town Brew Co Ltd, Test Brewing Ltd and Wantage Brewery.
12th JuneAdded Abington Ales Ltd, Amwell Springs Brewery Company Limited, Bad Joke Brew Co, The Belgian Brewer, Blackened Sun Brewing Company Ltd, Brewery58, Bubble Works Brew Co, Elements Brewing Co Ltd, Hope Springs Brewery, Six Hills Brewing, Wallingford Brewery Ltd and Willy's Brew.
11th JuneAdded Big Drop Brewing Co Ltd, Double Barrelled Brewery Ltd, New Wharf Brewing Company Limited, Old Johnnies Brewery, Old Windsor Brewery Ltd, Oxbrew Ltd, Saviour Brewery and The Wriggly Monkey Brewery Limited.

January 2019

16th JanuaryAdded Grasshopper Brewery Limited and Harrison's Brewery.
15th JanuaryAdded Aldwark Artisan Ales, The Bentley Brook Brewing Co, Birch Cottage Brewery and Chickenfoot Brewery.

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Last Updated : 7th November 2019