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Addition History For 2022

This page details the breweries have been added to this site during the year 2022. These are listed is reverse chronological order.

June 2022

25th JuneAdded Kirkby Lonsdale Brewery Limited (Royal Barn) and Quartz Brewing Ltd (Swinfen).
24th JuneAdded Pig Barn Brewery, Soar Brewing Co and Treehouse Brewery Ltd.
22nd JuneAdded Four Priests Brewery Ltd and The Isle of Eigg Brewery Limited.
20th JuneAdded Noble Craft Brewing Limited and Strangers Brewing Co.
17th JuneAdded Oakham Ales (Production Brewery) and Oscar's Brewery.
15th JuneAdded Shadow Bridge Brewery and Wreck Creation Brewing Ltd.
14th JuneAdded Benjamin Franklin Brewery Ltd.
13th JuneAdded Strange Times Brewing Co Limited.
11th JuneAdded Ashover Brewery (Ashover), Craven Brew Co, Nuttycombe Brewing Limited, Out of Office Brewing and Resting Devil.
10th JuneAdded Windward Brewery.
9th JuneAdded Evensong Brewing.
8th JuneAdded 4 Chaps Brewery, Hopstar Brewery Ltd (Pole Lane) and Cwrw Ty Mo.

April 2022

20th AprilAdded Newt Brew Ltd.
14th AprilAdded Bluntrock Brewery and Krow Brewing Company.
13th AprilAdded Bat Country Brew Co, Gilbert White's Brewery and Monkey Brewhouse.

March 2022

31st MarchAdded Lucifer Brewhouse and Two Tinkers Brewery.
30th MarchAdded Koomor Brewing Company and Newquay Steam Brewery.
29th MarchAdded Jawbone Brewery Ltd, Mammoth Beer, Mellor's Brewing Co and Southey Brewing Co.
25th MarchAdded On Point Brew Co.
23rd MarchAdded Distortion Brewing Company Ltd.
22nd MarchAdded Hawkshead Brewery (Flookburgh) and Remedy Oak Brewing Co.
21st MarchAdded The Fresh Standard Brew Co and Newquay Brewing Project Ltd.
15th MarchAdded Powder Monkey Brewing Company Ltd.
11th MarchAdded Bredy Brewing Company and FutureState Brewing Ltd.
9th MarchAdded The Drop Projects Brewing Co Ltd, Gert Lush Brewing Company Ltd and The Wild Beer Company Ltd (Lovington).

February 2022

22nd FebruaryAdded Thames Ditton Brewers and Trailhead Brew Company Ltd.
17th FebruaryAdded Copperhead Ales.
11th FebruaryAdded The Hardworking Brewery Ltd.
10th FebruaryAdded Baron Brewing.
9th FebruaryAdded Crossover Blendery Limited.
8th FebruaryAdded Sureshot Brewing Company Limited.
4th FebruaryAdded Almasty Brewing Co Ltd.
3rd FebruaryAdded Brew York Ltd.
2nd FebruaryAdded LHG Brewpub.

January 2022

27th JanuaryAdded Craftsman Brewery.
26th JanuaryAdded BMAN Brewery Ltd, Boobytrap Brewery and Suspect Brewing Ltd.
23rd JanuaryAdded The Loch Ewe Brewing Company Ltd.

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Last Updated : 25th June 2022