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Addition History For 2007

This page details the breweries have been added to this site during the year 2007. These are listed is reverse chronological order.

December 2007

20th DecemberAdded Dare Brewery Ltd.
17th DecemberAdded The Celt Experience Ltd, Exit 33 Brewing Ltd, Grafters Brewery, Tudor Brewery and Whitehaven Brewing Co Ltd.
2nd DecemberAdded Irving & Co Brewers Ltd.

November 2007

26th NovemberAdded Rossendale Brewery.
24th NovemberAdded Piddle Brewery and White Rose Brewery Ltd.
17th NovemberAdded Son of Sid Brewery.

October 2007

26th OctoberAdded Lytham Brewery.
19th OctoberAdded Brampton Brewey Ltd and Wirksworth Brewery.
8th OctoberAdded Dunham Massey Brewing Company and White Park Brewery.
3rd OctoberAdded Bragdy'r Nant Cyf and Red Rat Craft Brewery.

September 2007

27th SeptemberAdded Dane Town Brewery.
26th SeptemberAdded The Headless Brewing Company Ltd.
5th SeptemberAdded Dartmouth Brewery.

August 2007

27th AugustAdded Prospect Brewery Ltd.
23rd AugustAdded Concrete Cow Brewery.
13th AugustAdded Adkin Brewery, The Shalford Brewery and Wibblers Brewery Ltd.
9th AugustAdded Discovery Ales and Swaton Brewery.
5th AugustAdded Taddington Brewery Ltd.

July 2007

26th JulyAdded Dove Valley Brewing.
11th JulyAdded The Old Foreigner Brewery.
9th JulyAdded Bays Brewery Ltd.
6th JulyAdded Atlas Mill Brewery Ltd.
3rd JulyAdded The Leeds Brewery Company Ltd.

June 2007

20th JuneAdded Disruption is Brewing.
18th JuneAdded Tydd Steam Brewery.
4th JuneAdded The Alnwick Brewery Co Ltd, The Florence Brew House, Green Mill Brewery, Morton Brewery, J. Phipps Ales (Banbury) Ltd, Salcombe Brewery and Wonky Dog Brewery.

May 2007

21st MayAdded Harwich Town Brewing Company.
14th MayAdded The Idle Brewery.
8th MayAdded Elmtree Beers.
2nd MayAdded The Great Newsome Brewery Ltd.

April 2007

20th AprilAdded Zerodegrees (Reading).
19th AprilAdded Bridgnorth Brewing Co Ltd, Cock & Hen Brew House, North Wales Brewery, The Plockton Brewery and Sixpenny Brewery.
2nd AprilAdded Festival Brewery and Stonehouse Brewery.

March 2007

23rd MarchAdded Arbor Ales Ltd and Wild Hop Brewery Ltd.
19th MarchAdded Brewdog plc, The Colonsay Beer Company, North Curry Brewery and Strands Brewery Ltd.
8th MarchAdded Nutbrook Brewery Ltd and Ringmore Craft Brewery Ltd.

February 2007

21st FebruaryAdded Grindleton Brewhouse Ltd.

January 2007

25th JanuaryAdded Hopshackle Brewery Ltd.
23rd JanuaryAdded Ashover Brewery, Black Hole Brewery Ltd and Kilderkin Brewing Company.
22nd JanuaryAdded Farmers Arms Brewery.
11th JanuaryAdded The Heart of Wales Brewery.
8th JanuaryAdded Devil's Dyke Fine Ales.

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Last Updated : 20th December 2007